Revelstoke electronic collective Cymatic Grounds plays Traverse

'They’d never seen anything quite like it on a Thursday night.'

New digital music collective Cymatic Grounds will be spinning at parties this winter. Photo: Cymatic Grounds

What do you do when you’re frustrated with the lack of diversity in the party music being performed in your town? Well, start a DJ collective focused on techno and house music and terrific audio-visual integration, obviously. Okay, maybe not so obvious a solution, but it was the clear choice for a group of music lovers and professionals who came together to form Cymatic Grounds.

With most coming from cities where the techno and house music scene is a bit more established than it is in a smaller town like Revy, these young music connoisseurs, who hail from Montreal, Australia, Arizona, and elsewhere in B.C., organized to bring the experience they so loved to a new audience.

The group is made up of six members (Alexandre Rouleau, Marie-Pier Ruest, Murray Elliott, Lauren Nagy, Joe Brailsford and Huw Saunder) and is an eclectic one. But together they’ve managed to host experiences that have been a hit among the Revelstoke community. Cymatic Grounds events are usually based around a theme and combine experimental light shows with quality sound and performances. Their last event, “Download,” was hosted at the United Church and sold out in less than 24 hours, primarily thanks to word of mouth.

The group has been overwhelmed by the reaction from the community and says it’s clear that people wanted something a little more than they’d been getting from the typical performances here. They plan to host as many events as possible and are working right now to find a venue for the next one, which is tentatively scheduled for January 18.
“I think people are very appreciative of something new and quite different than the sounds they’re generally hearing,” Nagy says. “People use the dance floor as a way to self-express and it’s nice to create a safe and comfortable environment for people to dance and explore.”

“We’ve grown really organically and all we feel is love and gratitude from the community… The headliners we booked for our last party were blown away by the family community vibe in Revelstoke. They’d never seen anything quite like it on a Thursday night.”
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Cymatic Grounds plays Traverse Night Club with DJ D.DEE and 1800HaightStreet on Saturday, Jan. 18.

Cara Smith
Cara Smith is a freelance writer from Fredericton, New Brunswick. After studying English literature at St. Thomas University, Cara began writing for the Telegraph-Journal, the provincial daily newspaper in New Brunswick, then worked as a staff writer for Huddle, an online business news magazine. She's now in Revelstoke, focusing on feature stories and has a keen interest in arts and culture.