Revelstoke author Noelle Bovon launches new book, The Art of Transformation

Bovon's new book, The Art of Transformation: A Daily Approach to Uplifting Your Life, is available now.

Revelstoke author Noelle Bovon. Photo: contributed

Among countless self-help and self-improvement resources, it can be easy to get derailed and confused in the search for the most helpful and effective methods to work towards a happier and healthier life.

Revelstoke’s Noelle Bovon wants to simplify that process. Her new book The Art of Transformation: A daily Approach to Uplifting Your Life is designed to be less daunting and easier to digest. It’s formatted in a way that allows readers to consume the book’s guidance in small doses when they need a pick-me-up or a bit of inspiration for the day.
“What often happens when we are taking in new ideas or thoughts is it becomes a bit overwhelming,” she says. “The goal is to create tools so that you can take them and digest them in as much or as little time as you need.”

The cover of The Art of Transformation, by Revelstoke author Noelle Bovon.

Bovon never considered it her life’s goal to write a book. But through her work as a life and business coach and through sharing some of her wisdom through a blog, she realized that there was a demand for this kind of tool.

Bovon lives by the adage that self-improvement about the journey, not the destination and the main ideas she’s hoping to communicate through the book are that the process doesn’t have to be complicated and finding happiness, whatever form it may take, is not an end goal.

“I think we can over-analyze self-growth and make it into something that we achieve,” she says. “It’s just a process that is ever-going for the rest of our lives.”

“We’re just humans fumbling around, dealing with our hurts and our pains and our traumas and our love and our joy and our bliss and all of it matters … We need the diversity of our emotions to grow and be a fully-formed human.”

Bovon’s book is available for purchase at Balu Yoga & Wellness or online at