Do you support a regional park for Mount Begbie?

City recommendation will be considered at March 6 council meeting.

The view towards Mt. Begbie from Mt. Mackenzie. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magzine

At their meeting on March 10, Revelstoke city councillors passed a motion to request that the Columbia Shuswap Regional District and the Province of B.C. support the creation of a Mount Begbie Development Management and Protection Plan.

This was based on a recommendation by engineering director Steve Black for the city to voice support for the development of a regional park in the Mount Begbie recreation area. Black’s original report to council is the result of a motion put forward at the city’s Environmental Advisory Committee meeting last November.

Mayor Gary Sulz sits on the CSRD board and will be speaking to them on behalf of city council and explaining that the city is interested in making the land in question a protected area.

“This is a crown land area so having a development management and protection plan basically secures that we as a community, including the CSRD, wouldn’t want anything going up there that doesn’t meet what community would like,” Sulz said.

“It adds a little bit of protection, but it is crown land and crown has full understanding of how that should be managed.”

The Mount Begbie recreation area falls outside of the City of Revelstoke’s municipal boundary and has been considered as the location for the commercial development of two 16-person chalets. At the meeting, Black brought up concerns about possible environmental degradation in the area that is in such close proximity to the city.

A petition against all commercial development in the Mount Begbie recreation area was recently approved by the board of the North Columbia Environmental Society (NCES) and forwarded to MLA for Columbia River-Revelstoke Doug Clovechok.

Black’s report was reviewed for council consideration by chief administrative officer Dawn Low, who found that the initiative aligns with a number of council priorities, including livability and sustainability. Director of finance Tania McCabe reviewed potential financial implications for the proposed letter of support and found there were none at this time.

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