Tourism Revelstoke hosts successful regenerative tourism campaigns

Tourism Revelstoke sees success in two unique regenerative tourism campaigns designed to give back to the community and generate authentic experiences.

Volunteers participate the Blanket Creek Restoration with the Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society as part of the Thanksgiving Back Campaign. Photo: Tourism Revelstoke

Tourism Revelstoke sees success in unique regenerative tourism campaigns designed to give back to the community and generate authentic experiences. “It’s essential for tourism destinations to support and give back to their communities,” writes Tourism Revelstoke staff in a media release on October 28, 2022.

The campaigns allow visitors to volunteer and support the community actively.

During the summer, Tourism Revelstoke staff monitored user-generated content on Instagram for the Guerilla Marketing Campaign. The marketing team looked for specific activities, recreational adventure photos and videos as an opportunity to educate and promote local nonprofit organizations (NPO).

Whenever visitors posted content relevant to a selected NPO, Tourism Revelstoke commented thanks to the user for recreating in Revelstoke. They also include an educational piece about the NPO and how it supports their adventures and conclude with confirming a donation to the NPO on behalf of the user.

When users post content about a selected NPO, Tourism Revelstoke donates on behalf of the user to the NPO. Photo: Screenshot from social media.

The six NPOs chosen were: Revelstoke Search and Rescue, Revelstoke Paddling Association, Revelstoke Climbers Access Society, Revy Riders, Revelstoke Cycling Association, and the Revelstoke ATV Club.

Tourism Revelstoke says the campaign prompts people to consider responsible recreation and the effort that goes into maintaining outdoor spaces while also raising money for local NPOs.

Over 120 Instagram accounts received comments from Tourism Revelstoke, educating them on the NPO’s work and generating almost ten thousand dollars for the nonprofit organizations. In addition, tourism Revelstoke staff say they received positive feedback from the campaign.

The Thanksgiving Back campaign, returning for a second year, encourages visitors to trade a day of volunteering with a local NPO for up to $500 for accommodation during their stay.

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Brief: Tourism Revelstoke campaign incentivizes tourists to give back to the community

Over the weekends of Sept 24-25 and Oct 1-2, 74 people from across B.C., A.B., and the United States participated in this campaign, volunteering in six different projects.

The six projects were:

  • A trail maintenance dig day with the Revelstoke Cycling Association
  • Cleaning and winter preparation with the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre
  • Event setup and management at Luna Arts Festival
  • Event setup and management for the Railway Day at the Revelstoke Railway Museum
  • A community garden maintenance day with the Local Food Initiative
  • Blanket Creek Restoration with the Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society
    Thanksgiving Back Revelstoke Cycling Association Dig day. Photo: contributed by Tourism Revelstoke

By tracking visitor spending, Tourism Revelstoke concluded that approximately $50,000
was spent at Revelstoke businesses over the two weekends (including accommodation).

Tourism Revelstoke says Participating visitors experienced a deeper connection to the Revelstoke community and had an authentic Revelstoke experience, encouraging repeat visitation.

In addition to the Thanksgiving Back campaign returning in 2023, Tourism Revelstoke says they will continue implementing similar initiatives to support destination management goals and facilitate regenerative tourism in Revelstoke.

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