Revelstoke Reflections: Printable Western Anemone colouring page!

Revelstoke artist and illustrator Jess Leahey has created a custom wildflower colouring page based on a photo by photographer Ryan Creary. Download it here.


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Your name/Artist name

Jessica Leahey

Artwork title

Western Anemone Colouring Page

Download the artwork

What inspired you to create this artwork?

I made a colouring page and wanted to offer a free downloadable and printable version for those who might enjoy it. This piece is inspired by a Ryan Creary photograph, and is a digital illustration.

Where did you create this artwork?
How is your workspace?

On my Ipad.

Short bio

Jessica Leahey is a Revelstoke based artist and illustrator. Jess loves mountains... their activities, their culture, & their people.