Revelstoke Reflections: Over the Moon Jewelry

'Being self employed in the current situation has its perks, like never getting bored and always having something to work on.'


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Marie Konecna

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OVER THE MOON Mindful Jewelry by Layla

How does it feel to run a small creative business? Are you affected by current situation?

Running a small creative business feels empowering and — challenging! Being self employed in the current situation has its perks, like never getting bored and always having something to work on. But financially it makes it a bit harder as all of the craft shows have been cancelled and they are my main income. I’ve applied for CERB and still waiting for a response from them, which will help a lot as my last source of income was before Christmas for holiday craft shows!

What are you working on at this moment? Any special projects / new collection / etc.?

Definitely working on my website right now and building my dream inventory! I see this unlimited quarantine time as an opportunity to be working on these things I’ve been pushing back because of a lack of time (and discipline?) I’m currently working on a new collection using precious metals (14k gold/rose gold and sterling silver) and high quality gemstones.

What is the best way for people to get in touch with you these days?

I can be contacted on my social media pages, on my website or by email :

Do you like springtime? Would you like to share your secret tips what to do with this special amount of free time most of us got?

I love spring time! I think my best advice is to choose your activities depending on the weather (especially here in Revelstoke haha!). If it’s sunny get some work done on your backyard/veggie garden (check out the tips from LFI @revelstokelocalfood), go for a walk, or get an early tan on a desert beach. If we’re getting a classic Rainelstoke day, cook that super-complicated recipe and share that feast with your roommates. Do online yoga classes (I think The Alchemy offers a pretty sweet deal). Clean your bathtub 😀 If you’re brave enough go for a run. Drink a thousand cups of Hello Little Hippie tea. Get crafty! I find making jewelry soothes my mind and feels like an “active meditation”. Also it is so rewarding to make something beautiful that you can wear everyday. I recently put together DIY kits (for you and/or your little ones) with supplies that I don’t use anymore and I priced them very reasonably. You can have a sneak peek at my Instagram story highlights “DIY kits”.