Revelstoke lands HUGE Bruno Long photo feature in Bike magazine

Revelstoke photographer Bruno Long is the driving force behind his 16-page feature on the Revelstoke mountain biking scene in the March issue of Bike magazine.

Revelstoke photographer Bruno Long. Photo: Bruno Long

Revelstoke has earned a 16-page spread in the March issue of Bike magazine, a top-shelf US-based mountain biking publication. The magazine hits shelves across North America today.

Revelstoke photographer Bruno Long was the driving force behind the feature. He pitched the story to the magazine and earned the exclusive photo credit for the feature, which was written by Brice Minnigh, editor of Bike magazine.

The story is entitled Castles in the Sky: Truth and transcendence in Revelstoke’s alpine kingdom.

The editorial focus is on the Revelstoke scene and its signature alpine rides, but local spots like Macpherson and Boulder Mountain get coverage too.

Long said he is excited for his first major feature: “I am pretty pumped. I have done a few features with other magazines, but with smaller magazines, so this is my first full feature story in a major publication, so it’s really awesome to be able to [do it with] Bike. Those guys have been really great to me.”

Long was also elevated to senior photographer status with the magazine last summer, which brings him more assignments and some input on editorial decisions.

The photography was shot last summer. Long described the Revelstoke feature as mostly consisting of “regular days for the most part” – venturing out for rides to Boulder or Macpherson, heading up for alpine rides like Frisby Ridge, or doing some alpine exploring like up to Mount Cartier. And then back down to the Village Idiot or the Taco Club to relax.

A screenshot from Bike magazine's announcement of the March issue. The photo features riders Brice
A screenshot from Bike magazine’s announcement of the March issue. The photo features riders Brice Minnigh and Jeff Honig. Image: Screenshot from Bike magazine

He felt honoured to be able to do a Revelstoke-centric feature on his hometown. “I spent a lot of time last summer shooting specifically for that so I could make sure it reflects on Revelstoke and I think it does. When you see the article, it makes the biking in Revelstoke look amazing, which it is.”

As far as mountain biking mags go, Long said the feature will be huge for Revelstoke. “You can’t get any more press than this,” he said. “I am really excited that I could do a feature on where I live because I love the biking community so much there, and just the community in general.”

Long wanted to keep it local, including the riders. With the exception the writer featured in some shots, all of the riders are locals, including Lorraine Blancher, Casey Brown, Aaron Clark, Stu Dickson, Jeff Honig, Andrew McNab, Keith McNab and Rob Mohr.

Long estimates it’s a pretty big print debut of sorts for Revelstoke’s burgeoning mountain bike scene. “[Revelstoke’s] getting a lot of talk but there hasn’t been any stories,” he notes.

The feature touches on logging issues somewhat, but the latest wave of logging at Mount Macpherson hadn’t yet been proposed when the story was written. Some of the gravity spots featured in photos of Boulder Mountain last summer have since been logged out, he noted.

The Revelstoke Mountaineer checked the newsstand shelves today, but the latest issue isn’t in yet. You can download it online at this link.

Also, Bike is releasing a supplementary digital flip-book on the issue next week. It will feature about 40 supplemental photos taken over the summer.


Aaron Orlando
Aaron Orlando is the Creative Director of and Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine. He's worked in Revelstoke as a journalist and editor for the past ten years. Got tips on Revelstoke news, entertainment, sports, outdoor life, community or anything else? Email or call/text Aaron at 250-814-8710.