RCMP: Three vehicles, trailer reported stolen in Revelstoke, female suspect identified in one theft

Revelstoke RCMP say they hope to identify suspect(s) following three separate reports of stolen vehicles near the Big Eddy

Big Eddy Bridge. Photo: Nora Hughes

After several reports of stolen vehicles on social media, Revelstoke Mountaineer staff reached out to Revelstoke RCMP for further information on the series of missing vehicles. 

The RCMP is investigating one report of a stolen vehicle near the Big Eddy on the morning of Tuesday, June 21 and two separate incidents reported on Friday, June 24, 2022.

On June 21, a Jeep Wrangler was taken from Laforme Boulevard and recovered in the Big Eddy the same day. The investigation remains active, police say. According to police, a female suspect was identified.

In the early morning of June 24, a 2006 Ford F-350 and a 1996 travel trailer were taken from two separate locations near Lundell Road and have not been recovered as of June 28.

Also reported stolen on the evening of June 24 was a 2005 Ford F-350. The commercial vehicle was stolen from Trail Tire in the Big Eddy and has also not been recovered.

Police say they have no evidence to support that any of the stolen vehicle incidents are connected but that the two reports involving the early 2000s Ford F-350s are likely involved. 

The early 2000s Ford F-350s are easy to steal and are unfortunately often targeted by car thieves. Both files are still being actively investigated, and hopefully, we will identify a suspect(s),” Revelstoke RCMP said in an email.

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