Photos, interviews, video and more: Inside Revelstoke’s 2022 LUNA Festival

Check out our image gallery from LUNA Flight 2022, Revelstoke's annual fall art and performance festival. See the Mountaineer's interviews with artists and performers and a recap of the weekend's highlights.

Spectators enjoying Bubbleworks an art installation by Leah Allison and the Big Eddy Babes. Photo: Nora Hughes

LUNA Festival 2022 was better than ever with a successful orchestration of sold-out LUNA Sound performances, over 40 nocturnal art installations, and comprehensive talks from artists. Flight was the theme of this year’s three-day event, sprinkled throughout the weekend’s festivities.

People aged 19+ took to the streets on Friday, Sept. 23, for sold-out LUNA Sound musical performances featuring a curated line-up of stellar acts. Check out our interview with Starlight Stage performers Ndidi Cascade, P Crook, and Janette King to get a taste of what it was like to be there.

The main event on Saturday, Sept. 24, LUNA Arts, featured an amazing spectacle of over 40 art installations and performances. Many of the installations gave a nod to the festival’s theme of flight, including Freedom of the Press, an art installation by six local printmakers and artists.

The artists challenged the size restrictions of a traditional printing press by creating large-scale woodblock prints with the assistance of a steamroller. The printmakers say that Post Luna, they will trim down the large-scale artwork and bind it into a book that will remain on display at Fable Book Parlor. Check out our interview with one of The Printmakers, Brett Mallon.

Mallon says the project provided new excitement to printmaking and that all of the wood carvings demonstrated the artist’s interpretation of flight. The Printmakers are Brett Mallon, Meghan Porath, Cornelius Suchy, Dylan Hardy, and Rob Buchanan.

Another highlighting event at LUNA Arts was the unveiling of Arts Revelstoke’s LUNA Legacy project, a bronze statue of world ski jump champion Isabel Couriser. Read more about the LUNA Legacy Project here.

The statue is a representation of Revelstoke’s ski jump culture but is also meant to empower female skiers in the community. 2022 marks 100 years since Isabel’s record-breaking jump.

The unveiling included a land acknowledgment from Mayor Gary Sulz, an Indigenous welcome from Kenthen Thomas, words on behalf of Isabel Coursier’s family from Cathy English, and words on behalf of the organization from Sarah Erikson, chair of Arts Revelstoke. The permanent sculpture was brought to life by artist Ruth Abernathy.

On the third and final day of LUNA Fest, LUNA Studio featured comprehensive talks and workshops from both local and national artists. Check out our interview with local artist Charise Folnovic on her art installation, Camera Obscura. Other talks were given by artist Johnny Bandura on The 215, Zuzana Riha on the Flight of Light, Delreé Dumont on Matriarchal Healer, Leah Allison on FLYGA, and Andrew Kermack on the art installation Flourish.

For more information on other LUNA Art installations, check out our gallery and read the captions for details.

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