New homeowners association wants Revelstoke Mountain Resort to re-focus on development

A newly formed housing association wants Revelstoke Mountain Resort to start focusing on development again. The Revelstoke Mountain Homeowners Association says it wants to be able to provide input on the future of development at the resort.

File photo. The gondola base at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

A newly formed homeowners association is hoping to help Revelstoke Mountain Resort re-focus and move forward on its original master development plan.

The Revelstoke Mountain Homeowners Association was formed only a few days ago. RMHOA vice president Peter Brown says over the years there has been a lack of momentum on development at RMR.

The RMHOA said in a media release that the original three lifts are the only major ones operating and there is no publicly stated timeline to add any new lifts. The group further states that several other key areas such as accommodation and restaurant capacity have not seen any significant upgrades and the resort is well behind in delivering on the vision outlined in the Master Plan as proposed by the developer and approved by the Province in 2004.

Colourful fireworks in the RMR Village. Photo: Ian Houghton/Revelstoke Mountain Resort

“I’ve been here for six years now. I feel it’s time to energize the hill,” said Brown in an interview with the Mountaineer. “I made a major move to Revelstoke because of this resort.”

Brown said that while he understands the recession did slow down progress he believes things have improved and now is the time to focus on moving forward.

“As home owners, our collective investment is approaching that of the developer. We, along with many other enthusiastic stakeholders and supporters, want to see the resort reach its full potential as a world class destination,” he said.

The RMHOA says it welcomes RMR’s addition of 24 cars to the Revelation gondola and 21 chairs to the stoke chairline, bringing both up to full capacity. However the group states it is concerned over a lack of publicly stated plans or timelines over additional lifts in the future.

“That investment in adding capacity will make a positive difference. But now is the time to look beyond next winter to the future of the resort and develop a game plan that delivers on the original vision,” says Brown.

A long line-up at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort gondola base early in the 2016-17 season. The resort has announced new gondola cabins and lift chairs for the 2017–18 season designed to alleviate big lines in the morning. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

Revelstoke Mountain Resort said in a media statement that the addition of a direct ski run from the top of the Revelation gondola to the base of the Ripper chair is also being explored.

“However, we’re still in the process of getting the area surveyed,” said Peter Nielson RMR vice president of operations.

The RMHOA currently consists of four directors: Richard Tucker, Andrew Goldman, Evelyn Campbell and Brown. Brown said that questionnaires have been sent out to property owners at Sutton Place, Mackenzie Estates, and Monashee Estates.

“Once we get the comments in we’ll bring it forward to show the developer,” said Brown.

Brown said the goal is for the RMHOA to be able to provide input moving forward and that the group would like to be part of an advisory committee when discussions around development are happening. Here is what the association is hoping to see with regard to the master development plan process:

-Specific development timelines

-Five year plans

-Outline of a minimum of investment and expansion that will occur

-A monitoring and enforcement guidelines if obligations are not met.

“We are not asking for authority over decisions. But we want to be part of the process of planning RMR’s future along with the City of Revelstoke, First Nations and Northland Properties which holds the land tenure. We have valuable insights into what owners and future investors are looking for,” said Brown. “We have invested a similar amount of money but we have no standing and it is unreasonable to shut us out completely. We simply do not have a voice in the future of this amazing resort.”

Revelstoke Mountain Resort has responded to the RMHOA’s concerns. Despite surprise and disappointment the resort says it wants to hear from homeowners.