Major road repairs won’t be part of Revelstoke budget

Major road repairs won't be considered in this year's budget. Instead, the city's budget committee has opted to include the $900,000 project in a long-term financial plan study.

This intersection (Victoria Road and the Woodenhead Loop), off the Trans-Canada Highway, gets backed up with traffic in the summer months. Photo: Emily Kemp/Revelstoke Mountaineer

Revelstoke City Council has put major road repairs in Revelstoke on hold for the time being.

On Mar. 21, the City’s Committee of the Whole voted in favour of including the $900,000 road repair project as part of a longer-term asset management plan.

Allan Chabot, chief administrative officer, said there is a possibility of an increase to the $235,000 that is allocated to road repairs in the 2017 draft budget.

“We’ll probably be able to allocate some funds to roads this year, and bring back an amendment to council once the picture is clearer. $235,000 doesn’t bring much,” said Chabot

Councillor Connie Brothers questioned whether council should bite the bullet and attempt to squirrel away some money for pavement replacement.

“Every time we kick it down the road, it costs us a little bit more money,” said Brothers.

Taxpayers could have been on the hook for an estimated 7% tax increase just for paving and roads projects had the project been included in the current budget.

The change doesn’t mean that all roads projects are on hold. The city spends about $230,000 annually on road maintenance, such as pothole filling.

The longer term asset management plan will explore best practices in maintaining (and budgeting for) assets like buildings, sewer, water, in addition to roads. That report is expected in the coming months. For more on that plan, see this report from the city’s Mar. 21 meeting.