Mackenzie Village phase one sells 60% of units in only a few hours

Phase one of the Mackenzie Village Development is more than 60% sold. Priority registration saw a total of 26 units sold. Developer David Evans says he thinks the remaining units will sell out quickly.

An aerial view of phase one of the Mackenzie Village development on Nichol Road. Photo:

It’s been about a decade since presale condos were flying off the shelves sight unseen at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, and now once again, Revelstoke is back in presale territory.

The Mackenzie Village development is proving to be popular, with 60% of the units available for phase one being sold in only a few hours. A total of 26 units were sold during priority registration on Monday between 8 a.m. and noon on April 12.

Developer David Evans said while there was some foot traffic into the Nichol Road office most of the work was done over the phone.

“We had a few locals come in during the time slot,” said Evans. “It was a mix of families from town, new people.”

Evans said there were also a number of purchasers who have families already in Revelstoke and want to purchase a home in order to move here and be closer to their children and grandchildren. Other buyers were spread out between B.C. and Alberta.

“It’s a mix of people who want to move to Revelstoke full time but weren’t able to because they couldn’t find a place to live, and people who want to use it for their own personal vacation use or as an investment rental,” said Evans.

Evans said the number of buyers who plan to use the units for personal vacation use is low at around 30%. He also said it could lead to people moving here on a more permanent basis.

“One couple from the States, they’ve been up here skiing in the winter. Now that they have a place they plan to come up here for the entire summer,” he said.

The remaining units will be open for the public to purchase starting Wednesday, April 12. Evans says he doesn’t think it will take long to sell the remaining 40% of phase one.

“I think we’ll sell out reasonably quickly,” he said. “All eyes are on getting construction underway.”