Find out if your CBT Community Initiatives project is recommended for funding

Local community groups are set to receive a total of $385,056 through the Columbia Basin Trusts Affected Areas and Community Initiatives Program.

In this file photo, community members gathered for CBT Community Initiatives presentations in 2015. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

A total of 49 community groups are set to receive funding from the Columbia Basin Trusts Affected Areas and Community Initiatives Program. Click here for a list of funding recommendations.

The CBT evaluators committee is recommending city council approve the $385,056 in funding to qualifying applicants. The appointed five-member committee met with CSRD Area B Director Loni Parker to review applications and make decisions on funding allocated to each group.

The Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs provides financial support to local projects communities in the Columbia Basin area. The program is focused on meeting the needs of the community and public. Revelstoke community groups seeking funding participate in a public presentation process each year. This year a total of 50 applications were received. The Revelstoke Snowmobile Club withdrew its request prior to the March 7 presentations. A total of $$695,609 was requested by the various groups.

The CBT commits a total of $4.2 million per year to provide Community Initiatives funding to all areas in the Basin. Communities most affected by the Construction of the Columbia River treaty dams receive additional Affected Areas funding.

Revelstoke City Council will vote on the recommendations at their Mar. 28 meeting. For many years, the recommendations from the committee have been approved with almost not changes.

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