Deadline is June 24 for 60-unit Hay Road development survey

Deadline is June 24 to complete a City of Revelstoke surveymonkey survey about a 60-unit development between Hay Road and Camozzi Road.

A City of Revelstoke image of the proposed development between Hay Road and Camozzi Road. Image: City of Revelstoke

The deadline to complete a survey for a proposed 60-unit development in Arrow Heights which is winding its way through a new developer-led consultation process is June 24.

The 9.4-acre, 60-unit development will include single-family homes, row houses and duplexes, located between Hay Road and Camozzi Road just downhill from Joe Kozek Sawmills.

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The process has been hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, city staff said, meaning public meetings usually associated with big changes to a neighbourhood are now happening online, at this step of the process through a city SurveyMonkey survey.

The developer has created a website for the proposed Stoked Living development. There have been numerous meetings hosted by the developer on the proposed development over the past year.

Existing neighbours have expressed concerns such as pedestrian safety, increased traffic, access to existing neighbourhoods, vacation rentals, and the cumulative impact on the neighbourhood when combined with the large Mackenzie Village development.

In a City of Revelstoke YouTube video posted on June 12, city development services director Marianne Wade states that there will not be vacation rentals.

On one of the slides in the City of Revelstoke presentation, a question from the public is posed. It reads: “Will there be condos or vacation rentals?” The reply on the City of Revelstoke slide presentation states: “No, the application is not asking for any vacation rental zoning.” In addition, in her presentation on the video, city Director of Development Services, Marianne Wade, replies to this summarized question: “Question three is a straightforward answer. There is no vacation rental zoning being proposed for this development application.”

Wade also said the developer has completed a traffic impact assessment which found the large development would have, “no net change to the traffic as the impact from the development is minor,” adding that the a realignment of Camozzi Road prompted by a golf course development, would help alleviate traffic.

Earlier this year, city staff approved the first phase of a Revelstoke Mountain Resort golf course to be located between Nichol Road, the Revelstoke Mountain Resort base, and Williamson’s Lake. The first phase of development will include clearing of 120 acres of forest in the area, and was said to be starting soon when the first phase of the development plan was approved by council earlier this year. See background on that story here:

Revelstoke Mountain Resort seeks development permit for golf course

In the City of Revelstoke YouTube video presentation, Wade said the city is working with Revelstoke Mountain Resort and the Mackenzie Village development to redesign Nichol and Camozzi roads to reduce traffic volumes on Nichol Road in the area.

In December 2019, community members attended a public meeting on the project, where they expressed mixed views, including concerns over road access and pedestrian safety.
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Public express concerns, support at developer-led open house

In the past, city staff have been responsible for consulting with the community about changes to the neighbourhood. Large new developments always engender some controversy. The new developer-run consultation process is new, and the results will be a test of the new developer-led public consultation system.

There are many steps left in the process, including referrals, staff comments and revisions, a report to a city planning commission, bylaw readings, and a public hearing before city council bylaw readings and a potential adoption.

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