Revelstoke Mountain Resort seeks development permit for golf course

Plans for the first phase of the new Revelstoke golf course development include clearing, grubbing and preliminary grading to prepare the land for construction.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort has received support from the city's Advisory Planning Commission to move forward with presenting Phase1 plans for a golf course to city council. Photo: RMR/City of Revelstoke

Revelstoke Mountain Resort has unveiled plans to develop a golf course on resort lands adjacent to the existing ski resort village.

The resort, which opened in 2007, has long planned a summer golf course development.

Details of the resort’s plans were revealed in a development permit application that appeared on the City of Revelstoke’s Advisory Planning Commission (APC) agenda on Tuesday, April 21. The development permit outlined plans for the first phase of development.

The report notes the first phase of development includes land on the east and west boundary of Camozzi road that spans from McInnes Road to Nichol Road, as well as a parcel adjacent to Airport Way. In total, the land is about 138 acres in size and the resort plans to harvest about 120 acres of it in preparation for construction. Much of the property is currently forested and the resort has submitted a private timber application to the provincial forests ministry.

A report to the APC by City of Revelstoke senior planner Paul Simon notes an environmental management plan was submitted and reviewed by Cascade Environmental Resources. The report notes city staff, RMR and a third party consultant reviewed relevant development policies and guidelines, given that a portion of the lands contain steep slopes and environmentally sensitive areas adjacent to Williamson’s Lake.

Planned construction activities for phase one include clearing, grubbing and preliminary grading to prepare the land for construction of the golf course. The APC report notes the development will need environmental approval to proceed. “[The] current application deals with securing necessary environmental approvals to prepare the land for Phase 1 of the golf course development,” it states.

An image of the proposed layout of the new golf course at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Photo: City of Revelstoke image

“As part of a future subdivision application, parkland dedication around the north and southern boundary of Williamson[‘s] Lake to preserve and allow access will be required,” the report states.

In response to questions from the Mountaineer, Revelstoke Mountain Resort spokesperson Kevin Manuel said the presentation to the APC was a first step in the approval process, with municipal and environmental approvals required. He said the resort will move forward with additional applications at the provincial and federal levels if and when a permit is approved at the municipal level.

“The ever-evolving COVID-19 situation is also a variable at play. Once Phase 1 of the golf course is underway, the resort is anticipating a build-out time of two to three years,” Manuel said.

Manuel said a specific timeline for development is dependent on the duration of the approval process for the first clearing phase.

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