Council approves Big Eddy Waterworks tender despite higher than anticipated cost

The Big Eddy Waterworks project will move ahead despite higher than anticipated tender bids. The city is working with consultants to try and find out why the bids came in significantly higher than originally estimated.

Revelstoke City Hall.

Phase 1 of the Big Eddy Waterworks project will get underway despite costing approximately half a million dollars more than originally estimated.

Revelstoke city council voted in favour of approving Mounce Construction’s $2.56 million tender.

“It’s exciting that this project is moving ahead,” said Acting Mayor Linda Nixon.

Director of Engineering Mike Thomas said there is concern over the higher than anticipated cost for the project. A big question is where the extra $500,000 will come from, noting the city would not be asking water users for more money.

“The bid did come as a bit of a surprise to us. We’re working with a number of consulting firms at the moment working on why the prices are higher,” said Thomas. “We’re looking at other tenders put out across the province and seeing if a pattern is there.”

Thomas said the flexibility of the project could provide some financial respite as the project will be reviewed as it moves forward.

“We looked at it as a 10 year capital plan,” he said. “We’re moving with the highest priority work first.”

Chief Administrative Officer Allan Chabot said he was hopeful other phases of the project might see a lower cost.

“Bid portions for other portions of the work might surprise us in the other direction, but that might be overly optimistic,” he said.