City of Revelstoke introduces collection app as new garbage schedule starts

Revelstoke's new garbage collection schedule will kick into action next week, but some residents are experiencing pains as the city enforces garbage can size limits and fees on extra bags.

Revelstoke has a new app to help keep track of waste management and collection programs. Photo: P. Gordon (Creative Commons 2.0).

On Monday, Feb. 1, Revelstoke’s new garbage schedule begins but some residents are unhappy with the changes that include a fixed garbage can size and only one free garbage can per home.

Under the recently adopted garbage collection bylaw amendments, residents can have one 77-litre garbage can. Those that go over the limit will have to purchase extra bag tags at $3 each, up from $2. These tags are available from city hall.

Many took to social media to discuss the changes.

“I have a family of 6, we recycle and compost and I still can’t get away with one garbage can ( I’ve tried) … It might work for a smaller family,” Stefani Knapp wrote.

“We very seldom have even one can, but I have the master of recycling and composting here,” Frances Carlson commented.

The new proposed garbage collection schedule for Revelstoke. Photo: from Revelstoke City documents.
The new garbage collection schedule for Revelstoke. Photo: from Revelstoke City documents.

The city’s garbage new collection schedule divides the city into four collection zones, which align with the recycling collection schedule where possible.

  • The Arrow Heights section, covers the area south of Fourth Street and east of Edward Street. This area will have pickups on Tuesday.
  • Southside will have garbage collection on Wednesday.
  • Columbia Park, Alpine Lane and the Johnson Heights area will have a garbage service on Thursday.
  • The Big Eddy Area and central Revelstoke will have its collection service on Friday.

The recently adopted changes were made with costs to the city in mind and to reduce and divert recyclable material from the solid waste stream.

Some residents have received stickers on their oversized garbage cans, advising them that they will need to be changed.

In a release from the city, it notes that “many people own oversized garbage cans and will allow reasonable time for the residents to convert to the 77-litre can size prior to enforcement.”

The city notes that the 77-litre can size has always been the rule, although many people use oversize bins already.

For community members with physical limitations, they can request special consideration for a wheeled garbage can through an application process.

The Re-Collect app is available to download. Photo: From iTunes.
The Re-Collect app is available to download. Photo: From iTunes.

The city has also introduced an online tool and app called Re-Collect to help residents learn more about the changes.

The app allows residents to:

  • Sign up for waste collection reminders by email, phone, twitter or text message.
  • Download collections schedule into your iCal, Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • Print the collection schedule.
  • Use the waste wizard to determine how to properly dispose of something or find out if a material can be reused, recycled or disposed.

Residents with any questions should contact the city’s public works department at 250-837-2001.

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What do you think? Is the move to one garbage can a step in the right direction? Or does this change unfairly punish residences with large families? What’s your take?