Brief: Williamson Lake water quality test results by mid-week

Interior Health said testing results from Williamson Lake will be available mid-week.

New advisory signs about a potential algae bloom at Williamson Lake were posted on July 8, 2022. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

Interior Health (IH) says it is testing water quality at Williamson Lake on July 11 and hopes to have results by mid-week.

This follows a city announcement of a potential algae bloom at the lake on July 8, 2022.

“Sampling is being conducted today, analysis and test results are anticipated mid week. The City will continue to monitor the lake for visual signs of algae and provide photos. Once we receive the results, IH will discuss next steps with the City of Revelstoke,” IH said in a July 11 statement, saying the testing is being done in collaboration with the city.

Once the results are received, IH said it would discuss next steps with the city.

“Currently, Williamson Lake is on a cautionary advisory for a potential algae bloom. The City of Revelstoke has put up signage at the beach,” IH said.

IH said it posts beach advisories on this website, and that it was likely information from the Williamson Lake testing would be posted on that website. However, an IH spokesperson said it could not confirm at this point if it would.

For background on the algae bloom advisory, see this story:

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