Big Eddy School rezoning application finally able to move forward

Rezoning of property at the Big Eddy School owned by School District 19 is finally moving forward. The original 2013 application was put on hold after Interior Health expressed concerns over sustainability of the Big Eddy water system.

Revelstoke City Hall file photo. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

The Revelstoke School District’s rezoning application for property at the former Big Eddy Elementary school is finally moving forward.

A previous attempt at rezoning the property was made in 2013. This was put on hold after Interior Health expressed concern over the long-term sustainability of the Big Eddy water system.

“Council and staff worked really hard to get a grant to improve that water quality and we’re moving forward today,” said acting Mayor Linda Nixon at council’s April 25 meeting.

Revelstoke City Council gave approval for the rezoning application to be referred to the Advisory Planning Commission. A public hearing is set to be scheduled for June 25.

The rezoning application includes three separate property parcels that make up just over three acres of land. If approved the properties would change from the existing Institutional (P3) zoning to Low Density Residential District (R2) zoning. A report to Revelstoke City Council notes the proposed zoning is the same as other properties in the area.

“The R2A zoning matches the Official Community Plan T4L Duplex Residential land use designation for the properties,” states the report.

Big Eddy Elementary school was closed in 2002 due to a lack of enrollment.