Wildfire update: New fires south of Revelstoke add to smoky conditions

As temperatures rise and air quality plummets, B.C.'s Interior is bracing for a harsh week ahead.

This photo, taken on July 28, shows a quiet day in downtown Revelstoke as smoke forces many people indoors. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

As Revelstoke faces another week of hazardous air quality and uncomfortable temperatures, a stream of firefighters from around the world arrive in British Columbia to combat the blazes.

With 248 active fires and 1,237 wildfires recorded since April 1, British Columbia is facing an increasingly difficult fire season after two summers of calm conditions. Over 3,300 properties are under an evacuation order, and another 18,000 are on evacuation alert.

Another heatwave is in the forecast, and conditions are tense in the province’s interior. Although Revelstoke remains unthreatened by evacuation alerts, smoke continues to choke the town. As poor air quality combines with high temperatures, many eyes are eagerly watching for rain in the forecast.

Recently discovered wildfires in the Revelstoke area

Lightning started two fires near Revelstoke on July 27. Closer to town is the Mulvehill Creek fire, which is relatively small at 0.30 hectares.

Two news fires near Revelstoke are contributing to increasingly smoky conditions. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

The South Cranberry Creek fire is approximately 30 hectares and located 26 kilometres south of Revelstoke. Also initiated by lightning on July 27, the wildfire is currently labeled as out-of-control.

Significant wildfires remain west of Revelstoke

The Three Valley Lake wildfire remains of note, according to BC Wildfire Services. An evacuation order is still in place for the Three Valley Gap area.

Across Highway 1, the Wap Creek wildfire remains out of control. At 281 hectares, growth has slowed for the blaze. The cause of this fire is still unknown, despite announcements that BC Wildfire Services is investigating suspicions of human involvement.

The Three Valley Lake fire pictured at around midnight on Monday, July 19. The light in the centre right is the Three Valley Gap resort. The lights on the right are from the Trans-Canada Highway. The perimeter of the wildfire is visible on the mountainside to the left. Photo: Matt Timmins for Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

Remote wildfires continue to burn north of Revelstoke

North of Revelstoke, plumes of smoke rise above the mountains along Highway 23. There are seven out-of-control fires between Revelstoke and Mica Dam, threatening logging operations in the area.

Two of these fires are burning in the Bigmouth Creek area, near the Argonaut Creek Valley logging blockade. The newer fire was discovered on July 25, and sits at 0.01 hectares. However, an older fire discovered on July 11 has grown to over 885 hectares. Due to their remote locations, there are not many updates on these wildfires.

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Update: A correction was made to this article, removing a 2020 Twitter post containing an image of last year’s Mulvehill Creek fire. We apologize for the mistake. 

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