Wild & Scenic Film Festival celebrates nature’s inspiration

New film festival seeks to motivate and inspire you to make a difference

Chris Rubens and Greg Hill are featured in The Curve of Time at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Photo: Bruno Long

By Kate Borucz

This article first appeared in print in the September 2018 issue of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine.

There’s a lot to be said for the beauty that surrounds us in Revelstoke. Endless rivers and streams draining into deep lakes, mountain peaks extending into the clouds, and a valley so diverse in flora and fauna it’s hard not to be impressed. There are many ways to be inspired and many ways to take advantage of these wild places, but what motivates us to sustain these environments so that we can continue to enjoy them? That is the question the North Columbia Environmental Society aims to answer through the Wild & Scenic Film Festival, happening on Thursday, Sept. 13 at The Roxy Theatre.

Chris Rubens and Greg Hill are featured in The Curve of Time at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival.
Photo: Bruno Long

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is a collection of films from an annual festival held during the third week of January in Nevada City, CA, and for the first time it is coming to Revelstoke.

Wild & Scenic focuses on films which speak to the environmental concerns and celebrations of our planet. The featured films showcase frontline activism and stunning cinematography, and touch on topics such as water conservation, Indigenous perspectives, energy and resource activism, outdoor adventure, and land preservation.

Wildfires, flooding, severe storms, and climate change are at the forefront of conversations nationally and globally. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that individuals propel the environmental movement; whether you’re a veteran outdoor enthusiast or trying to figure out ways to inspire a younger generation, the Wild & Scenic Film Festival will have something for you.

One of the event’s featured films is The Curve of Time, where the audience follows professional skiers Greg Hill and Chris Rubens as they peer into the future and have a conversation with their future selves, contemplating the impact of their adventures on the very environment that sustains and fulfills them. Can they each remain committed skiers while significantly reducing their carbon footprints? Is it possible to call yourself an environmentalist while gaining access to remote locations with the use of a helicopter? You may have the opportunity to ask them for yourself, as Chris Rubens and Greg Hill will be at the event to discuss their experience. Along with 11 other films, the Wild & Scenic Film Festival will be full of opportunities for learning, self reflection, and contemplation.

There will also be a raffle and silent auction with items donated by national sponsors such as Klean Kanteen, CLIF Bar, Earthjustice, Peak Design, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, and local sponsors Girls Do Ski, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, the Sutton Place Hotel, Birch & Lace Hair Company, and Revy Outdoors, making the event a fundraising opportunity for the NCES. Of course, adult beverages will be available from Mt. Begbie Brewing Company and Monashee Spirits Craft Distillery, because after a little introspection, the reality of our dependence on fossil fuels will go down a bit easier with their help.

Collectively, we can make a difference, but we need to take a long hard look at the choices we make daily. With a little imagination, some light-hearted humour, and less single use plastic, we can take a step in the direction of conservation and sustainable living. We just might need a little push to help us along.