Westside Road gravel pit applications get negative referral

Gravel pit applications hit road bumps in referral to the City of Revelstoke, but the difference between jurisdictions inside and out of city limits leads to different responses.

The location of two proposed gravel pits in the Westside Road area.

Plans for two new gravel pits in the Westside Road area received a negative referral response from Revelstoke City Council at their July 9 meeting.

City council was commenting on a referral sent to the city from the provincial government for two gravel pits in the area. The Westside Road Quarry is within city limits on Westside Road, but the Kirkup Quarry is located outside city limits near the Jordan River.

The city received a referral requesting a response on the gravel pit plans from the province. Both gravel pits are located on Crown land. The city regularly receives referral requests on items inside and outside of city limits.

A report by city planning technician Michael Coulson recommended council not support the referral, giving separate reasons for the two different proposed gravel pits.

Watch the gravel pit referral staff presentation and council discussion starting here:

Coulson recommended that the Kirkup Quarry not be supported “on the basis of environmental concerns and impact on the road systems.”

The report recommended a negative referral for the Westside Road Quarry “on the basis of existing city policies, environmental concerns, low economic impact, and significant neighbourhood opposition.”

Coulson noted the city received a petition with 183 signatures against the proposed gravel pits. In their comments, petitioners cited trails in the area and its proximity to the Jordan River in their opposition to the proposed gravel pits.

The report and recommendations, which were supported by council, also requested the province require a needs assessment and a development permit “as per the official community plan.”

City development services director Marianne Wade said the needs assessment would look into gravel requirements for the city. She said it was about “understanding the needs and where’s the best place,” which would allow the city to be more “proactive” on gravel pit applications.

Wade said the city received the referral for both gravel pits in one package, saying they should have been separated into two since one was inside city limits, the other outside.

Wade also said she was aware of other gravel pit applications that will be coming forward soon.

In addition to the Jake-Jay Construction application, Terus Construction Ltd. has recently filed an application for a 12.4-hectare gravel pit on Westside Road.

The referral response package will now be sent back to the provincial government who will consider the city’s referral response and other referral responses before deciding on the applications.