Want to buy the Enchanted Forest?

The Enchanted Forest and the SkyTrek Adventure park is for sale for $2.7 million, and has been attracting lot of attention in the past two days.

The Enchanted Forest is up for sale for $2.7 million, and you'll get the SkyTrek Adventure Park too. Photo: Enchanted Forest

Revelstoke-area highway landmark the Enchanted Forest is up for sale for $2.7 million. And for that price you’ll also get the SkyTrek Adventure park, the newer rope course adventure park located right next door.

Realtor Steve Daschuk said the $2.7 million price tag is below appraised value and is attracting lots of attention since it’s been in the media in the past day or so.

“In the last two days I’ve probably got over 50 emails alone,”  Daschuk said. The Enchanted Forest was originally listed for sale in September.

Many of those interested in buying into the 38-acre slice of roadside magic dream of a more serene lifestyle.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to get out of the corporate life,” Daschuk said. “There is so much potential, it’s just huge.”

According to the realtor, the facility attracts 85,000 visitors per year.

Revelstoke’s Rocky and Juliet Ehlers have owned and operated the Enchanted Forest for 25 years. They bought the business, which was originally opened by Dorris Needham in 1960.

“I’m getting old, I’ve had a good run,” Ehlers told the Revelstoke Mountaineer.

“It’s been an adventure,” he said. “It’s been rewarding. It’s a little bit like and overgrown kid. I get to build tree houses and candy houses and fantasy forts.”

Along with his wife, they built the business up from 20 cars a day up to the full parking lot of around 100 cars today.

But, as he gets older, he’s slowed down a bit, and has stepped back. They’ve had some personal challenges of late, so they’re giving it up. “I’m not usually the guy at the end of the shovel anymore,” Rocky said.

He said the SkyTrek Adventure Park was a pioneering project in B.C., and he enjoys seeing the kids take on physical challenges for a change, “up in the trees instead of sitting down and watching their texts.”

Interested in buying the Enchanted Forest? Check out their website and the realtor’s website for the facility.