Video: Local proportional representation campaigners explain why it’s right for Revelstoke

Revelstoke proportional representation advocates dropped by the Revelstoke Mountaineer office to talk why they think changing our provincial voting system is better for Revelstoke.


The B.C. electoral reform mail-in referendum is ongoing in B.C. until Nov. 30. No doubt you’ve at least seen (or have maybe been bombarded with) messages and ads from campaigners on either side of the referendum.

The ballot asks voters to choose between the existing ‘first past the post’ system, or to opt for proportional representation. Within the pro-rep option, you have a choice between three different proportional representation models. The options are actually quite complex to explain: if you are looking for a primer, check out the Elections BC website here. If you’re just wrapping your head around the referendum, the Elections BC is the non-partisan organization running the referendum, so they have good, non-biased explanations of the various systems.

For this video, we sought out Revelstoke-based proportional representation advocates, and asked them to make the case for why proportional representation works for Revelstoke.

We were joined by local campaigners Dr. Geoff Battersby and Jim Cook, who have been putting up signs, handing out bumper stickers, and generally making the case for proportional representation around town. Watch the video below to hear their views on why the system is best for Revelstoke.

Are you a local first-past-the-post campaigner? Drop the Revelstoke Mountaineer a line at to come down for a video chat about why you support keeping the existing system.

The deadline to submit your referendum mail-in ballot is Nov. 30.