Update: Revelstoke wildfire activity and Mount Revelstoke National Park area closures

Revelstoke's surrounding area sees an increase in wildfire activity over the weekend, and Parks Canada closes parts of Mount Revelstoke National Park to manage active fires.

File photo: A Conair Convair CV580 prepares for take off at the Revelstoke Airport on August 19, with smoke from the East Ridge of Mt. Begbie fire visible in the background. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

The Southeast fire centre reports 76 active wildfires in the region on Monday, August 22, with 32 fire starts within the last two days. Following a dry thunderstorm on August 19, roughly 18 new wildfire starts were reported in the Revelstoke region, including fires on some of the town’s iconic mountains.

Two fires on the East Ridge of Mt. Begbie underwent fire suppression efforts on August 19 to control the blaze. Airplanes dumping fire retardant on the fire could be seen from town. None of the fires detected on August 19 or over the weekend pose any threats to public safety or infrastructure.

Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Park update

As fire management crews continue to respond to wildfires in Revelstoke’s surrounding National Parks, Parks Canada has issued area closures until further notice at the following locations in Mount Revelstoke National Park:

Area closures

  • Summit Trail
  • Inspiration Woods
  • Lindmark Trail
  • Nels Nelsen Ski Jump
  • Eva Lake
  • Miller Lake
  • Jade Lake
  • All trails at Balsam Lake and the summit

An update released by Parks Canada on August 21 indicates ten active fires in Mount Revelstoke National Park.

The update also includes information on the Flat Creek prescribed fire in Glacier National Park. The prescribed fire ignited on August 19 in western Glacier National Park, 200 metres southeast of the Trans-Canada Highway across the Illecillewaet River.

Parks Canada fire personnel hook up a heli-torch for ignition operations on the Flat Creek prescribed fire. Photo: Parks Canada

Parks Canada says they are monitoring the fire and that smoke will likely be visible from the highway over the next few days as it continues to burn. Visit Parks Canada’s Fire Information and Updates page for more information as the situation develops.

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