Turn your garbage, refuse, waste, rubbish, junk, litter, broken, outdated and excess into wearable art

This Earth Day, Birch & Lace Hair Company welcomes you to take part in a beautiful exhibition of Trash.

File photo: The Last Mermaid by Sarah Spurr won first place in the 2016 Trashion Show. It's made from recycled foil, magazine pages, bags, paint pallets, toothpaste tubes and cardboard. Photo: Sarah Spurr

The second annual Trashion Show is upon us and participants will design wearable art made of materials collected from the brink of the waste bin. Creations will challenge the way we view trash and encourage consumers to take a closer look at cast off goods by first considering their qualities, volume and even beauty.

Trash is largely defined as something of little or nothing, inferior or worthless, broken or crumbled. Every day we consume and dispose but what if there was a more hopeful and constructive energy surrounding our thoughts about daily trash? Can we re-define this word by looking to the valuable and salvageable aspects first? Or can we choose to waste less, up-cycle more and design ourselves out from the fast tradition of trash?

The necklace is Arleigh Garratt’s submission from last year titled Pod Fraud. Made from Nespresso pods and tin can bottoms held together using recycled copper wire. 100% recycled materials crafted in her studio at Garnish. Photo: contributed

Sara Sansom, owner and creative director of Birch & Lace Hair Company, believes we can and begins by sharing a term that serves to reinforce her actions and help others to facilitate this switch.

Ecopreneurship represents entrepreneurships that apply guiding principles to create businesses that solve ecological, social and economic problems sustainably. The term began to be widely used in the 1990s, and it is otherwise referred to as “environmental entrepreneurship.”

She started Birch & Lace as a mission-based company where the mission stands to intertwine the beauty industry with environmental responsibility. One of the main avenues her business serves this objective is through earth advocacy and waste diversion.

“Since opening the salon in October 2014, we have expanded to include Dear Earth Soap Dispensary, and Feather & Stone Day Spa,” Sara explains. “Each having an environmental focus and a minimum of 95% waste diversion. We strive to responsibly dispose of all materials – including hair, chemicals and foils. Based on our environmental mission, it seemed appropriate to host an Earth Month event, to create awareness, involve community and have some fun with it!”

From trash to treasure. Photo: Sarah Spurr

“A trashion show is a wonderful way to marry the beauty/fashion industry with waste awareness. It creates discussion, and evokes creativity amongst the community all while raising money for a local society, and a global water movement.”

Earth Month is a time of seasonal transformation and it’s an opportunity to welcome change. Take this time to reflect on the impact we have on the environment and in turn how the environment impacts us. It takes a village, so all proceeds from this event go directly to support the work and advocacy of WaterAid Canada and the North Columbia Environmental Society.

“So many local businesses and organizations pulled together to help make the Trashion show a success last year, and again this year! I am so grateful to live in such a supportive, amazing community that share similar passions and goals.”

Last year 14 contestants showcased their hard work for a sold out crowd at the Rockford Revelstoke. Stay tuned to Birch & Lace social media and attend the event to learn more about all the fantastic sponsors.

Open to all ages, individuals and groups. Contestants may use honest trash only – all garbage/recycling used must be materials that were already bound for the landfill. You may not consume products in order to create the trash you need. You may, however, recover other peoples or businesses’ trash (with their permission). Be sure your outfit is appropriate to be viewed in public by all ages and you may enter as many outfits as you like, each additional entry is $10. The sky is the limit!

Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 at the door (100% donation), Saturday, April 22, 2 p.m. on the Rockford patio or indoors if raining.

Deadline to Enter: Thursday, April 20.  

$25 entry fee includes your pass and model’s entry.




Sarah Spurr
Sarah j Spurr moved west five-anda-half years ago from Kawartha Lakes, Ontario. My own world expands when I tread further, exploring new physical challenges alongside creative outlets. Here, I’m interested in connecting with others to showcase how they allow their own special blend of originality to flow. Living in the thick of this mountain environment what are you creating? Where does it stem from? Your story is soul food for the rest of us.