Transportation ministry response: We’re investigating rock fall fence for 3 Valley Gap

Transportation ministry responds to resident's concerns, says they'll investigate a rock fall fence on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Shannon Smith's SUV was totalled by a slide of debris and trees while she was driving east through 3 Valley Gap on the Trans-Canada Highway. Photo: Shannon Smith.

On Nov. 30, the Mountaineer published a story about Revelstoke resident Shannon Smith’s brush with death after rocks and debris careened down the cliff above the Trans-Canada Highway at 3 Valley Gap, totaled her new vehicle and left her with serious injuries including a spinal fracture.

In our Facebook post, we tagged the B.C. transportation ministry and the transportation minister Claire Trevena.

Later in the day, the transportation ministry responded to the post, saying they’re going to investigate the possibility of a new rock fall fence system for the location, and that they were seeking to trial a new system at the location. They added that the design is complicated by the fact that the area is in an avalanche slide path. Here is there post:

The Mountaineer first contacted Smith last week and had been working on the story until we posted it today.

We’ll continue to follow up on this story and will provide periodic updates on the ministry’s progress.

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