Too fast for the snowy conditions leads to jackknife, Highway 1 closure, ticket

Driver issued ticket for driving too fast relative to the highway conditions, which were poor at the time

The aftermath of a single-vehcle MVI on Highway 1 west of Revelstoke just before noon on Friday, Jan. 3 2020. Photo: Revelstoke RCMP handout

A commercial tractor-trailer blocked the Trans-Canada Highway just west of Revelstoke for an hour around noon on Friday, Jan. 3 after the driver lost control, jackknifed the truck and crashed into the snowbank.

The incident happened around 11:40 a.m. about five kilometres west of Revelstoke. Police said the truck was in the westbound passing lane when the driver lost control.

Revelstoke RCMP say nobody was injured and the tractor-trailer unit was the only vehicle damaged. The highway was closed for about an hour before opening to single-lane alternating traffic.

The driver was issued a violation ticket for driving too fast relative to the conditions. Police described the conditions as compact snow and sleet.

In a statement, Revelstoke RCMP urged drivers to drive according to the conditions, follow the rules and check before travelling.

Two heavy snowstorms in the past two weeks have led to avalanche control closures, poor highway conditions, downed trees on power lines adjacent to the highway and periods of severe congestion on the highway through the area following avalanche control closures.