The Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine Adventure Buddy Chronicles: Rachel

In the latest Adventure Buddy chronicle, we travel with Rachel to the Enderby Cliffs.

Hiking the Enderby Bluffs with Rachel. Photo: Eliisa Tennant/Revelstoke Mountaineer

My quest to find a part-time ‘adventure buddy’ has lead me on some awesome adventures with some incredibly fascinating people. I have taken newcomers to Revelstoke on tours to of some of the highlights our town has to offer, driven out of town to explore waterfalls and went on numerous hikes around our area. Most people haven’t resided in Revelstoke for very long, so it gives them an opportunity to explore with a local and I get the chance to meet the kind of people that this adventure based town is drawing in to call home: those with a zest for life.

One of my most memorable experiences was a trip to hike the Enderby Cliffs with Rachel. After receiving a hilarious e-mail response to my adventure buddy job application, Rachel and I exchanged numbers and agreed to go on a hike. Looking to do something different and work up a sweat, I did some legwork and found the hike to the top of Enderby Cliffs.

I arrived at her house on a Saturday to pick her up and we spent the ninety-minute drive getting to know each other. I was really impressed by her willingness to head out of town with a complete stranger to go for a hike. It was in keeping with her bold choice to move her entire life out west to chase her mountain living dreams. When we arrived at the parking lot for the cliffs, located just off Back Enderby Road, there were few vehicles there. The day was slightly overcast and the temperature was mild, which would be ideal for this 13-kilometre round trip hike rated as ‘more difficult.’ Don’t let the field at the trailhead fool you into believing this one isn’t going to be a challenge. Immediately the trail begins at an incline and there it stays for the remainder of the 6.5 kilometres to the cliffs.

Along the way we laughed, sweated and crushed our glutes, all the while forging the foundation of a friendship. When we arrived at the top of the cliffs no words could’ve been exchanged as we took in the sweeping views of the valley hundreds of feet below us. Beams of sunlight cut through the clouds to illuminate the farmlands Enderby is famous for. The cliffs are wild and standing on the edge of one is enough to make anyone dizzy.

For lunch we brought a picnic and dined amongst the blooming wildflowers in the cliff-top meadow before packing up and heading down. The descent felt like a relief and we made remarkable time back to my truck. The drive home brought more conversation, reminiscing about the beauty of the strenuous hike and future plans to go on more adventures.

I dropped Rachel off at home and as she was getting out of the truck I knew at some point she would be climbing back into the passengers seat and that we would go on more adventures together and I knew that I had found exactly what I was looking for: my first adventure buddy.

The Adventure Buddy Chronicles is an ongoing series pairing born-and-raised Revelstokian Eliisa Tennant with newcomers to town. Together, they strike out on adventures and form new friendships. Interested? Email Eliisa at

This article first appeared in the July issue of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine.

Eliisa Tennant
Born with adventure in her heart and raised in Revelstoke, Eliisa Tennant spends most of her time soaking up mountain life. Whether it's being on top of the world on a snowmobile or paddleboarding on Lake Revelstoke, Eliisa has a true passion for the outdoors. She is happiest when found behind the lens exploring or writing about her experiences. Contact Eliisa at