The new vintage

1990s resurgence offers the perfect excuse to get creative and colourful

Plaid & Rock Bands: The ‘90s saw a lot of plaid. And for the older angsty kids, that plaid was usually paired with a badass rock idol and some worn out Vans. Solo hangouts in the backyard to hash out the day (Walkman in hand, of course) were a basic right of passage. Photo: Katie Langmuir/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

This article first appeared in print in the June issue of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine.

Fashion in the ’90s was carefree, defiant and wild. With the highly talked-about decade making a comeback, we’re rewinding to an era where anything goes (more or less!). We’re talking crazy pattern-on-pattern, overalls, denim jackets and everything grunge. We’re also seeing a great opportunity to play up our love of slow fashion, where thrift stores and digging through old favourites is preferred – not to mention more sustainable.

In a pre-cell phone decade, where staring out the window with our thoughts was commonplace, fashion did the opposite. It was rebellious.

MODELS Justin Nicholas, Conner Platten, Alyssa Sanderson & Reuben Sanderson
MAKEUP, HAIR & WARDROBE Birch & Lace: Sara Sansom, Conner Platten & Alyssa Sanderson
SHOUT OUT Revelstoke Thrift Store
PHOTOS Katie Langmuir

The Ying & the Yang:
Our iconic Canadian tuxedo will always be in style. Might as well ‘90s-it-up with some Docs, a choker necklace and some killer bangs – not to mention the tiny, pre-smart phone wristwatch. Bonus points if you can dig up an old school anti-authority attitude to go with the look.
The Comeback Kid:
Perhaps the one item that dominated the ‘90s across all cliques and social groups was the platform shoe. Whether it was on a Dr. Martens boot, a strappy heel, a jelly sandal or a foam flip-flop accompanied by a silver toe ring, the platform was undeniably ever-present. Having said that, make sure you’re high above ground when trying to emulate our fave decade.
The Cool Kids:
The ‘90s were especially kind to kids’ clothes, leaving tons of room for playfulness. Even better, the style called for weirdness and creativity. We’re talking funky hats, denim jackets (preferably with patches), neon shoelaces, personalized friendship bracelets and wild Topanga Lawrence-style hair. It just so happens that ‘90s moms were also legendary dressers.
An Overall Staple:
This decade would have been drastically different without the ever-versatile denim overalls. Paired with mandatory patterns, graphics and bright colours, the garment is a ‘90s staple. And even better when your best friend’s baby doll dress happens to compliment your throwback outfit.
Never Duplicated:
The weirder the better was the general understanding when it came to ‘90s garments. Wild colours, patterns and materials were not only acceptable, they were sought-after. Luckily, Revy’s got the best thrifty around and unusual patterns aren’t a tough find.
Photos by Katie Langmuir/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine