The downbeat on Revelstoke’s DJ scene

Learn about one of the staples in Revelstoke's diverse music scene, underground DJs and producers.

This story is part of a feature that first appeared in print in Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine’s September 2022 issue. Read the entire e-edition here:

From event venues to bars to parties in the woods, Revelstoke’s DJ scene is as iconic as its mountain culture. Under the influence of sick beats, good vibes, and flashing lights, it may be hard to tell who your dance doctor is during the day. Maybe they’re your neighbour, boss, or the co-owner of your favourite bookstore. We connected with some of Revelstoke’s sound mixers to gain insight into the day and night of a DJ.

Dolla Hilz

Name during the day: Hilary
Links: @dollahilz,, soundcloud/dollahilz
Genres: Reggae/Dancehall, Hip Hop, West Coast Bass

Dolla Hilz lives in Revelstoke and is an active member of the DJ community, frequently hosting her own show and appearing at events all over town. While she says she hasn’t played any big shows or festivals (yet), she’s most proud of a show she threw in April 2022 called Thiiic Stacks.

Q: Day job? A: Bookkeeper, dance and yoga instructor, currently completing a master’s degree in counselling psychology

Q: Your sound in one word? A: Vibez

Q: What’s Revelstoke’s DJ scene like? A: The scene in Revelstoke is grassroots, authentic, inclusive, supportive and expanding.

Bunny Hops

Name during the day: Alex Hopkins
Links: @alexhopss,
Genres: All genres of house, disco, and funk

Bunny Hops lives in Banff but has been playing in Revelstoke on a semi-regular basis. In terms of the show she’s most proud of performing at, she says the answer changes all the time, but that she was hyped to be a part of Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s end-of-season party.

Q: Day job? A: Sales Rep at CMH Heli-Skiing

Q: Your sound in one word? A: Vibrant

Q: What’s Revelstoke’s DJ scene like? A: The scene in Revy is unique and filled with talent across multiple genres. Revelstoke is there for a good time and good music; what else could you want? I love being a part of it.


Name during the day: Nick
Links: @kitchensinkdj
Genres: Bass House, Dubstep, Experimental Bass

KITCHENSINK, a Revy resident and founding member of Group Research Project, is passionate about developing Revelstoke’s DJ scene. That’s why he’s proud to have played a slot at Group Research Project’s Canada Day festival titled “Rave Eh!” He says he’s also proud of an opportunity he took to play at Renegade Stage during Shambhala 2022.

Q: Day job? A: Landscaper, arty planner, fun haver

Q: Your sound in one word? A: Bassface

Q: What’s Revelstoke’s DJ scene like? A: BASS!!! Group Research Project is changing the scene in Revelstoke. These guys create safe and non-judgmental environments that expose you to the best underground bass music. UP AND COMING, BABY!!


Name during the day: Marie-Pier Ruest
Links:, Facebook: Marie-Pier Ruest, @marieruest.,
Genres: Techno, Tech House and Afro

Bunny Pancake calls Revelstoke home and is excited by the variety of music and people mixing the music. You may recognize her from a show she was proud to play in March 2022 at Traverse.

Q: Day job? A: I am a Translator

Q: Your sound in one word? A: Fierce

Q: What’s Revelstoke’s DJ scene like? A: There is a great variety of excellent DJs in town – and they are all wonderful humans!

Judge Juicy

Name during the day: Justin
Links: @its.judge.juicy
Genres: Tech House & Bass House

Member of Group Research Project and Revy resident Judge Juicy says the DJ scene in Revelstoke is for everyone. He’s proud to have played at Group Research Project’s “Rave Eh!” festival in July 2022.

Q: Day job? A: Salesperson

Q: Your sound in one word? A: Juicy

Q: What’s Revelstoke’s DJ scene like? A: The Revelstoke scene is fun, inclusive, and welcoming to anyone who plays or enjoys electronic music. Whether it’s in the bar, the park, or an undisclosed location in the woods, you’re going to find some talented people playing something you are going to love.


Name during the day: Simon Dex and Declan Saville (Dexville)
Links: Keep your ears to the ground. We tend to pop up somewhat unannounced.
Genres: House, Tech House & Disco

Revelstoke dads and DJs Wex and Dex say their performances can be described as live audio art shows, combining lighting, custom visuals, and four-deck DJing live from the booth. The pair came together as a DJ duo in December 2019 and says that since coming together, every show has been their favourite.

Q: Day Job? A: Full-time Dads is our mainstay.

Q: Your sound in one word: A: Technotronic-Bass-Funked-Disco

Q: What’s Revelstoke’s DJ scene like? A: It’s building momentum. The DJ scene in Revelstoke has certainly grown over the last five years.


Name during the day: Alex Rouleau
Links: @alx.rouleau,
Genres: Techno, Minimal, Psytech

Revelstoke’s Onoray is Co-Founder of Cymatic Grounds, a DJ collective focused on techno and house music and terrific audio-visual integration. The show he’s most proud of is a festival of his own creation called “Illusion.” Some of his other best shows include performing on the main stage at Astral Harvest and at a stereo bar in Montreal.

Q: Day job? A: Freelance graphic designer / Event producer

Q: Your sound in one word? A: Restless

Q: What’s Revelstoke’s DJ scene like? A: Still a very underdeveloped scene, but you can feel the excitement from the people, they want something to be done.


Name during the day: Allie Bruni
Links: sd
Genres: Tech House, Afro House

You’ve probably seen Spānda around, her electric energy and passion are hard to miss; that goes for her day job and DJ performances. The show she’s most proud of playing is the Joshua Tree Music Festival in the USA in 2018.

Q: Day job? A: Co-owner of Fable Book Parlour

Q: Your sound in one word? A: Fun

Q: What’s Revelstoke’s DJ scene like? A: Revelstoke is blessed to have so many talented local, creative, and inspiring DJ/ Producers. Not only do these DJs work tirelessly (behind the scenes) on their craft, but they are all trying to create and produce (music) opportunities for themselves, all while attempting to grow the DJ scene here in Revelstoke.


Photo credits: Robin Falletta Photography
Name during the day: Huw Saunders
Links: @huwswho,, Facebook: Huw Saunders,
Genres: House, Drum n’ Bass, Bass music

HuwsWho?! lives in Revelstoke and has a passion for DJing, adventuring, and snowboarding. The show he’s most proud of is a performance he gave at Burning Man in 2018 on the Dirty Beetles’ Boogaloo art car.

Q: Day job? A: Non-Destructive Testing Technician

Q: Your sound in one word? A: Eclectic

Q: What’s Revelstoke’s DJ scene like? A: Busy and blossoming!


Name during the day: Noah
Links: @nbyernss
Genres: Disco, Downtempo, House

Boomsquatch lives in Revelstoke seasonally as an outdoor enthusiast in addition to his passion for the booming bass. He’s proud to have performed at Group Research Project’s “Rave Eh!” with his fellow DJs KITCHENSINK and Judge Juicy.

Q: Day job? A: Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Q: Your sound in one word? A: Booming

Q: What’s Revelstoke’s DJ scene like? A: Very loose

SiFi Beats

Photo: Allen McEachern Photography
Name during the day: Simon Hunt
Links: @sifibeats,
Genres: House, House, and House!!!

SiFi Beats is a drummer and DJ living in Revelstoke. His passion for music has led him to some incredible opportunities that have allowed him to merge his professional life and musical aspirations. SiFi is most proud of his performance at LUNA Festival 2017 after party, where the crowd lost their inhibitions in the music. Read more about SiFi in the full-length feature Day and Night of a DJ.

Q: Day job? A: Public Safety Coordinator for Shambhala Music Festival / Emergency Management Consultant – Spark Solutions Ltd.

Q: Your sound in one word? A: Vibey

Q: What’s Revelstoke’s DJ scene like? A: Growing/Blossoming!!!

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