Sync Accounting is keeping things close to home

These new business owners are shaking things up with tech, opening a new storefront downtown and showing us why they run a business you can count on.

Steven Klinger, Assurance Partner. Photo: Anthony Cassell

By Rebecca Field

Walk down Second Street in our beautiful mountain town and you won’t find many big chain stores. That’s thanks to the great effort of those who live here and think local when it comes to supporting businesses.

That’s where Revelstoke business newcomers, Sync Accounting, find some of their strengths in how they help their clients and neighbours.

Run by Steven Klinger, Assurance Partner, and Christina Chong, Tax Partner along with one other staff, Marie Connell, the three person operation is opening a storefront this March just off of Orton at 113, Second St East, Unit A. Just up the street from the Craft Bierhaus and kitty-corner from Edward Jones.

We sat down with them to find out how their accounting-style and unique technological solutions can help local businesses in Revelstoke.

Christina Chong, Tax Partner. Photo: Anthony Cassell

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your business?

Christina: Sure! We are CPA’s who provide personal and corporate tax services and we also do bookkeeping for some of our existing clients. We also offer assurance services such as audits and reviews. We’re looking to help new businesses in town, just like us, as well as existing, established businesses in the neighbourhood and beyond.

Q: How does living local help you to help your clients?

Steven: Because we’re local, we have a feel for the town, and we’re the ones calling the shots for our firm instead of hearing it from a higher-up four provinces away. We understand that it’s a small town and people do things the small-town way.

Q: I understand that, along with being local, you guys are using technology to help your clients manage their business taxes as well. Can you tell me about that?

Christina: We’re leveraging primarily cloud based technology to make everyone’s life easier. It helps us keep things as paperless as possible and to be more efficient with our time and our clients’ time. We use Quickbooks Online for our accounting system and have optional apps that integrate with Quickbooks to help with expense tracking, invoicing and more. Our clients get real-time data on their business throughout the year instead of having to wait for their results at the year-end meeting.

Marie Connell, Accounting Technician. Photo: Anthony Cassell

Q: How do your clients respond to these types of tech solutions?

Steven: We understand that not everyone is used to using that kind of tech, which is why we’re here to ease people into Quickbooks Online and to recommend additional apps if that’s what they’re interested in. Those that do embrace the tech are like “this is amazing, how come no one told us about this earlier?”

Q: How does this help with efficiency and cost savings in the end?

Steven: Some of our clients are hesitant to go in the tech direction because it costs some money each month for the software, but if you compare the value of the time saved against the cost of the software, usually you save more in time than you spend in fees.

Christina: In Revelstoke, tech is also helpful to the large number of remote workers that we have here. It’s perfect for individuals who are based in Revelstoke and travel a lot for work or pleasure. You don’t have to be located in Revelstoke 100 per cent of the time in order to work with us. Because a lot of the software we use is cloud based, you can access your information from anywhere.

Steven: The goal is to be ahead of the game by the end of the day. Because we’re young professionals who’ve grown up leveraging tech, we’re familiar with it and open to experimenting with new software that’s available instead of just being the typical green visor, pencil pushing stereotype of an accountant. So when we open our office in March, drop by and chat with us!

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