Surf’s up Revelstoke: Revelstoke Adventure Park unveils surf wave pool concept

The developer of proposed Revelstoke Adventure Park has revealed plans for a very large outdoor lifestyles entertainment area, and plans to open the first phase by 2017 if all goes according to plan.

An artist's rendition of a mechanical wave park proposed for the Revelstoke Adventure Park complex planned for the Greeley area. Image: Revelstoke Adventure Park image

Revelstoke city councillors heard the latest news on Revelstoke’s Adventure Park (RAP), a multi-use attraction that plans to build Revelstoke as a summer destination and not just a stopover between Calgary and Vancouver.

Illecillewaet Development Limited Partnership (IDLP) chief operating officer Jason Roe, who is based in Revelstoke, presented to council at the June 23 meeting and explained what his team has done since their original proposal was rejected by the province in 2012.

“We’ve worked hard over the last two years,” Roe said. “We feel we have gone over and above what was required. We want to show the province and the other agencies when they get this new application they see that we’ve taken an even bigger step to provide a professional, thought out application.”

That included hiring professionals and providing studies on the potential impacts of the project with wildlife, traffic, wildfire and watershed assessments.

The earmarked site is 64 hectares of privately owned IDLP land plus an extra 257 hectares of Revelstoke Mountain Resort tenure land. The plans for the large development include a 200-site RV park and campground, a bungee centre, mountain biking trails, tree top adventures and a 15-acre man-made lake with surfing facilities.

“[It’s] a possible first of this kind in North America, an actual electric-hydraulic driven wave pool,” Roe said. “So it is actually in the lake, it’s not a wave pool you see at a wave park, it’s actually like surfing an actual wave in the ocean except it is mechanically driven.”

Roe is hoping the park will attract multiple night stays in Revelstoke from visitors and grow jobs in the region.

“We’re looking at 200 plus jobs, and that’s just in operations,” he said.

There will be continual construction of the site as it will be developed in four phases over six years.

Councillor Connie Brothers said she was excited about the concept.

“I know how committed to you are to the community … I appreciate that you’ve taken all the steps that really are good steps to make sure it is a good solid site … I’m hopeful it can do some good things for Revelstoke,” she said.

If all goes well with approvals from the province, city council and other agencies, the earliest opening date of RAP’s phase one will be spring 2017.

For more, and to look at more details proposal documents, see our story from last week: Revelstoke Adventure Park proposal includes lift access mountain biking

Emily Kemp is a freelance journalist and frequent contributor to the Revelstoke Mountaineer.