Style: Conscious culture

Thrifted style rejects fast fashion monoculture in favour of unique personal style.

Photo: Jessica Milaney/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

This article first appeared in print in Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine.

For a culture that is moving towards valuing things that spark joy and simplifying our lives, our thrift stores are overflowing with gems. Thrifting can be an environmental choice, a fun hobby or a practical approach to your shopping needs. No matter what your motivation, it’s a great way to express style with a guilt-free conscious.

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Sara Sansom




Jessica Milaney


Ariel Christman
Kestrel Collison
Emily Hamilton
Bryce Harrison


Photo: Jessica Milaney/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

What attracted you to thrifting? Two years ago I made a goal to transition my closet to 100% thrifted clothes. I’m at about 70% now. The decision was based on two considerations: a commitment to reduce my involvement in the immense waste that is continuously produced by the clothing industry and my love for original, different and one-of-a-kind clothing items. The price doesn’t hurt either … What’s your most favourite score from a thrift store/garage sale/clothing swap? I have too many … I try to only buy articles of clothing that stand out to me. Now I have a closet 70% full of items that do, which makes it challenging to pick a favourite. I have a pair of fancy, dark blue, high-waisted, velvet pants and a long, brown suede jacket from a thrift store in Calgary that are both suuuper awesome. What’s the best thing about Revelstoke? The people!!! Everyone I meet is kind, welcoming, outgoing, positive, inclusive, fun, engaging and awesome. I can’t think of an individual that isn’t a combination of all those attributes. How amazing is that?! To live in a community where you can confidently and honestly say that is extremely special.


Photo: Jessica Milaney/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

What is on heavy rotation in your playlist? Billie Holiday’s Lady in Satin album and Carole King’s landmark Tapestry record. Any favourite podcasts? I am addicted to Ed Roberson’s Mountain and Prairie podcast. It highlights artists, activists and adventurers of the contemporary American West. What has been your best thrift store score? By far my two favorite thrifted finds would be a 1950s red floral cashmere kerchief I scored in Palm Desert, California and a 1942 original bolstered armchair with wood-detailed fronts from our very own Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store.


Photo: Jessica Milaney/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

What is thrifting to you? To me thrifting is simply the best way to thoroughly find something that becomes a part of your life forever. When you find something you’re so hyped on, it’s the best feeling. What’s on heavy rotation in your playlist? When I rock a jam it’s on repeat for months at a time! Right now it’s Mk.gee’s, “You.” Such a sick summer jam. Also “Chase The Devil” by Max Romeo because I love a good ironed shirt 😉 What has been your best thrift store score? Best score is this shirt I got at MCC Thrift Shop for fifty centrs back home in Brandon, Manitoba. It’s this super silky print of a city and streets. Comfort is the key to life!


Photo: Jessica Milaney/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

What music is on your heavy rotation these days? These are my favourite albums and always on my heavy rotation: Boxer by the National, In Evening Air by Future Islands, Years (by One Thousand Finger Tips) by Attack in Black and the new self titled album by Foxwarren. Favourite podcast? I have been super into the spooky and supernatural podcasts lately, ‘cause I am a total nerd for that stuff. I really like Unexplained by Richard McLean Smith and Tanis by Public Radio Alliance. These themes come through heavily in my art I think, considering they’re mainly what I listen to when I’m creating! Favourite score from a thrift store? I have to give the Birtle, Manitoba thrift shop in credit for this one. I have found so many sweet scores there and I make a point of going every time I’m visiting home. So much denim. And Wranglers. Cowboy boots — you name it, they’ve got it. My favourite find would have to be a sweet denim button-up with a wheat sheath embroidered on it. I bleach dyed it and wear it all the time!