Speed a factor in recent commercial vehicle rollover

RCMP encouraging drivers to slow down, say speed has been a factor in 30 motor vehicle accidents since Sept. 1.

Revelstoke RCMP say speed was a factor in a commercial vehicle roll-over on Wednesday evening. Photo: Revelstoke RCMP

Revelstoke RCMP say speed has been a primary factor in recent vehicle collisions, including a recent roll-over accident involving a commercial tractor trailer on the Trans-Canada Highway near Three Valley Gap.

RCMP responded to the incident at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 3. According to a statement police arrived and located a commercial Western Star tractor trailer tipped over on its passenger side, blocking both lanes. The driver and passenger were transported to Queen Victoria Hospital with minor injuries.

“The incident resulted in a three hour road closure to investigate the incident and facilitate clean up. Many other road users were inconvenienced by this incident and can be assured that the professional driver of the semi received a Motor Vehicle Act Violation ticket,” Revelstoke RCMP staff sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said in the statement.

Grabinsky said with the recent volume of commercial vehicle incidents in the area, RCMP are reminding drivers that roadways are constructed for safe driving at the posted speed limit.

“Driving to road conditions means travelling at a rate which ensures the ability to safely maintain your lane and stay on the road. All drivers are encouraged to slow down: drive the speed limit, (or the recommended or variable speed limits), and do their part to ensure that everyone gets to their destination safely,” said the statement.

Revelstoke RCMP report there have been 30 motor vehicle collisions in the Revelstoke RCMP detachment area since Sept. 1, 2018. This includes the Trans-Canada Highway from the Perry River Bridge to Rogers Pass. Of those incidents, eight were commercial vehicles and five of those were commercial vehicles which had tipped over on the highway or into the ditch. RCMP say other than one day of light snow, road conditions have been good in the area and that speed has been the primary factor.