Sledders rescued after overnight stay on Boulder Mountain

After a series of backcountry rescues in December, Revelstoke RCMP are asking backcountry users to have a plan, communicate it to others, be prepared, be equipped, and be ready to spend the night.

File photo: Sleds getting into the action on Frisby Ridge. Photo: Daniel Stewart/Tourism Revelstoke

Three snowmobilers from Alberta have been rescued after spending the night on Boulder Mountain.

In a statement, Revelstoke RCMP said the men were reported missing at around 5:20 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 29. The trio, two from Sylvan Lake and the third from Red Deer, hadn’t been heard from since 7:40 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 28.

Police first found their vehicles in the Boulder Mountain sledding area parking lot, then activated Revelstoke Search and Rescue. The search involved ground searchers and a helicopter.

The trio was located on Boulder Mountain around 3 p.m. Police said their sleds had become stuck in the snow.

They were escorted to the Boulder Mountain Cabin where they were warmed up. None of them required medical attention.

Following the incident, and other recent incidents where backcountry users got lost or stranded in the backcountry, police encouraged anyone heading into the backcountry to take precautionary steps. They include having a plan and notifying others of your travel plan, including telling them where you’re going and when you expect to return.

Police encouraged everyone to travel in groups, and be prepared to spend the night.

In a Dec. 24 post on their Facebook page, the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club passed on a communication from Revelstoke SAR that warned riders about the dangers of descending into unknown terrain, saying that was the cause of recent rescues. “In all five instances riders have dropped down into areas that they could not get back out of,” they wrote. The post also warned about following unknown tracks into unknown areas.

Recent rescues in the Revelstoke area

December 25

On December 25, three sledders were airlifted out from Boulder Mountain after getting stranded there on Christmas Eve. The men, two from Alberta and one from Revelstoke, became stranded after one of their sleds broke down. The men were planning to wait it out overnight and head home in the morning, but because one of them was suffering from hypothermia, the group opted to call for help.

The three were airlifted by helicopter to the Boulder Mountain parking lot, where none of them required medical attention.

December 15

A dozen Revelstoke Search & Rescue (SAR) members were mobilized to rescue two sledders stuck on a mountain cliff on Frisby Mountain. The sledders were rescued and transferred to the BC Ambulance Service.

December 12

Seven SAR members responded to Frisby Mountain to look for two lost snowmobilers. The lost sledders managed to rescue themselves.

December 11

14 Revelstoke SAR members were mobilized to search for a missing sledder on Boulder Mountain. They located the person and brought the individual out via an offload vehicle.

December 10

Four members of Revelstoke SAR responded to help two sledders who became stuck in a creek on Sale Mountain. The rescue ended when the pair managed to rescue themselves.