Skatepark fund request

Project management fee, a pump to access the water storm drain system, and design fees have increased the overall budget.

The proposed redevelopment design of the skateboard park at Kovach Park. Photo: Columbia Valley Skateboard Association/New Line Skateparks

The Columbia Valley Skateboard Association is asking for the city’s financial help to complete the much anticipated Kovach Park skatepark.

In a letter to council the CVSA asked the city to consider providing $100,000 in funding through the Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation Legacy Fund. This comes on the heels of the news that the CVSA’s application for $181,839 in funding through the BC Gaming Capital Grant was unsuccessful. This is the same amount the project, which is now budgeted at $957,390 is short.

In 2017 council gave approval for the project which had a total budget of $800,000 at the time. The city is directly contributing $125,000; the remainder of the funds have been raised through grants, fundraising and through funds like the Resort Municipality Initiative.

The increase in the budget is due to a number of unforeseen additional costs. These include the $68,000 fee for a project manager, which was required by the city. City staff originally planned to oversee the contractor, but staff determined they’d be too busy with development projects.

In addition the CVSA did not receive BC Hydro’s approval to run a drainage system through to the nearby dike, meaning they will now have to put in a pump to pump water back to the storm drain system. This is a cost of $60,000. The CVSA will also have to cover redesign fee costs of $40,000.

“It’s unfortunate these costs are here. Either they find the money or they look at cutting their project back,” said Mayor Mark McKee.

McKee said he doesn’t believe the CVSA project fits into the requirements of the RCFC fund. He expressed disappointment at this request for funding coming at the eleventh hour.

Councillor Linda Nixon said she felt it was important for the city to look at options to provide financial help to the CVSA so the skatepark can move forward.

“This has been on the table for six years. Having hidden costs that show up at the last minute is very common in today’s world,” she said.

The CVSA says it is confident it can raise $30,000 and $60,000 before spring to contribute to the increased overall project cost. In 2017, the CVSA raised and donated $95,511 to the city for the project.

The project is slated for construction this spring.

Council voted in favour of referring the matter to the Committee of the Whole budget meeting on Thursday, Jan. 25.

Councillor Aaron Orlando, who is on the CVSA board, recused himself from the discussion.