Scratch Bastid brings DJ skills to Revelstoke


By Andy Siegel

One of the best DJs I’ve ever seen since moving to British Columbia over 20 years ago is returning to Revelstoke from his hometown of Toronto to spin his magic at The Traverse this Saturday night.

I’m not an expert on DJs but think my knack for knowing who plays great tunes and get a crowd dancing is similar to my knowledge of used cars. My mechanical skills for working on engines is terrible but when I’ve shopped for a used vehicle I can tell right away during a test drive whether it’s been taken care of and runs smooth versus one that will undependable and need work.

Usually when I walk into a bar and hear a DJ it does not take me long to recognize one who will put on an amazing show and has potential to get the crowd dancing. If my memory is correct it was the Regent where I first heard Skratch Bastid spin his tunes many years ago, since then he has grown into an internationally know DJ who returns to Revelstoke every winter bringing his turntable skills to The Traverse.

I’ve got a short list of my favorite non local DJ’s who have come through Revelstoke such as Mat The Alien, The Funk Hunters, Slynk, Sticky Buds, & Long Walk Short Dock who’s coming to Revy next weekend.

Many years ago I added Skratch Bastid to this list because of his fast fingers and high energy shows, this guy knows how to bring the heat and get a crowd pumping which is not always so easy in Revy from people being tired skiing or snowboarding all day.

Since it won’t be snowing Saturday night maybe it’s worth taking a nap after a long day on the slopes because this guy is well worth your time he’s one of the funnest Dj’s you might see this winter. In my opinion one of the reasons he’s so good is his incredible skills spinning records not just playing music off his computer.

When there’s no Dj’s playing every weekend this summer you’ll be glad you took the time to go see Skratch Bastid, he always puts on an amazing show and plays so many great tunes.

Skratch Basid plays Traverse nightclub on Feb. 23. Details here.