School District 19 trustee candidate profiles: Cat Moffat

As part of the Mountaineer's coverage of the upcoming municipal election, we asked candidates to share key issues they'd like to tackle if voted in as trustees on the board of education.

Cat Moffat is running for Board of Education Trustee in the upcoming municipal election. Photo: Cat Moffat

School trustees are an important part of municipal governance, responsible for guiding the work of their school district according to the community’s unique needs. They set plans, policies and the annual budget.

According to the British Columbia School Trustees Association, trustees “engage their communities in building and maintaining a school system that reflects local priorities, values and expectations.”

There are eight candidates for School District 19 Trustee, and five will be elected following General Voting Day on Oct. 15, 2022.

We asked each of the candidates to answer three questions about who they are and why they’re running, what they’d like to achieve as a trustee, and three key issues they’d like to tackle if elected. Here are the responses from candidate Cat Moffat:

Who are you as a community member? Why are you running for SD 19 Trustee?

My name is Cat Moffat and I have lived in Revelstoke for 14 years. Like many others, I started out in Tourism and Hospitality. I am a mother of 2 school aged children, small business owner and I work in economic development. I am running for School District 19 Trustee because I believe my work experience brings knowledge of sustainable budgeting practices, following policies, and providing feedback. My children are also at an age where I feel that I can contribute back to our community and help provide the framework for all students to get the education they need.

If elected, what would you like to achieve as a Trustee?

I want to keep working through the current strategic plan that has been set out. The current board has done an incredible job working through policies and making changes during difficult times. Our world is constantly changing as we will have to adapt and change with it. The School District 19 Guiding Principles are set out help us achieve our goals and keep us accountable.

Please identify three key issues you would like to advance and how you plan to do so if you are elected.

I do not currently have areas that I want to advance, as I need to learn more. A few areas that stand out for me are (and in no particular order)

1. Students’ mental health and well-being. I believe our community is aware of mental health impacts but keeping the conversation going is very important.

2. Retention and attraction of all staff – BCTF and Union contracts ended this summer. Revelstoke is a challenging place to move to and stay due to affordability. We need to keep these social issues on topic for these discussions. Retention and attraction of all levels of staff are very important. I believe Revelstoke has had great success with attracting valuable staff to educate and support our schools, so retention is a key part of the process. Keys to successful students is successful teachers and support staff.

3. The vision and values – The goals of the board are in the vision and values statement. The work being done needs to hold the board accountable to those. These need to be in the front of our minds when we are making decisions.

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