Revelstoke’s unique subscription services

Three Revelstoke businesses capitalize on a unique trend.

Fable Book Parlour’s book subscription program has flexible pricing for different ages and options for new and used books. Photo: contributed by Fable.

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Subscription services are a unique marketing strategy businesses employ as a product distribution method. The wonderful wide web offers thousands of subscription boxes that recurringly deliver niche products right to your door. The trend has taken off. Seriously, you can find anything from self-care packages to dog toys. 

It’s no secret why it’s successful: everyone loves presents. The thrill of opening the delivery, revealing the mystery inside. The downside: subscription boxes can be expensive, especially with added shipping costs. 

The good news is you can treat yourself to subscriptions here in Revelstoke. Subscription services in Revelstoke are not only unique but also accommodating, customizable and making an impact on our community. 

Here are three local subscription services using this global trend to provide niche products that give consumers the opportunity to support local in the same fun fashion: 

Fable Book Parlour: Book subscription 

Whether you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving or just want to take the worry out of choosing your next read, Fable’s book subscriptions have you covered. The service launched in 2022 with only a few subscribers, but Fable staff say the number of participants has quickly grown. 

“Our target subscriber is anyone who knows their (or a loved one’s) reading preferences but is looking for inspiration and variety,” says Fable’s co-owner and manager, Stacy Batchelor. “There are so many options out there — it can be overwhelming! There is something great about having the pressure taken off choosing your next read and perhaps diving into something that you might not have reached for but end up loving.” 

The subscription program has multiple options that accommodate a wide variety of readers, including separate pricing for kids and young adults and adults. Fable Book Parlour offers six and twelve-month subscriptions for new books or a mix of new and used books at a reduced rate. 

Fable’s Book Parlour subscription program also personalizes your monthly read and caters to your literary preferences. 

“I think what sets us apart from other online book subscription services is that we are here and eager for feedback,” says Stacy. “Receive a book in your subscription that you’ve already read? No problem, we’ll exchange it for something different. In the mood for a particular genre this month? Let us know, and we can accommodate. We do a survey to assess the recipient’s reading tastes and curate the selection based on that. Each of our employees has slightly different literary preferences, and between us, we span the genres and amass a multitude of recommendations to pull from.” 

Fable staff are happy to accommodate, love books and truly enjoy the opportunity to hand-pick titles for other readers. The subscription service offers free delivery within Revelstoke. For more information, visit 

Left Field Floral: Floral subscription

Left Field Floral’s flower subscription program will add a monthly pop of colour to your life. Photo: Nora Hughes

Left Field Floral in Revelstoke offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly floral subscription services. The subscription consists of fresh floral arrangements, seasonal dried floral arrangements or bulk flowers and greenery for the recipient to DIY. 

The vase, container or other miscellaneous vessel is totally customizable and can be purchased, rented or provided by the subscription holder. 

Subscribers can pick up their floral subscription at Left Field, or delivery can be arranged within Revelstoke. 

Left Field Floral owner and florist Izzy Lynch says she’s been working with local businesses to provide a pop of colour during the winter months with this subscription service. 

Subscriptions can be fully customized based on the subscriber’s required size, cadence, colour palette and budget. For more information on the floral subscription service, visit 

Forage & Fill: Zero waste refillery subscription

Forage and Fill is expanding its refillery program with the Sustainable & Circular Accommodation Program, or S.C.A.P., offering zero-waste subscription refill services to Revelstoke’s tourism accommodation sector. Photo: Nora Hughes

On February 1, 2023, zero-waste sustainability enthusiast and business entrepreneur Jenise Lamoureux took over ownership of Revelstoke’s Eco Boutique, Forage and Fill. With her new business venture, Jenise has big plans to expand the refillery program to provide a subscription service to help eliminate single plastics in Revelstoke’s tourism industry accommodation sector. The service is called the Sustainable & Circular Accommodation Program.

The service provides an option for accommodation providers as small as single-room Airbnbs, to lodges and hotels to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics using Forage and Fill’s refill subscription program for all guest consumables such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, dish and hand soaps, laundry detergent and cleaning products. 

Subscribers can order products to accommodate busy tourism seasons, and when products are low, Forage arranges pickup, refill and delivery. The subscription service will also offer custom branding for locations to personalize their products. 

“I saw a gap in the market for refill services. Forage and Fill offers storefront services to the general public, but it was simple to think that those services could be expanded to help other individuals and businesses operating in the tourism sector of Revelstoke,” says Jenise. “Not only that but a lot of travellers are looking for environmentally friendly accommodations when they travel, so this offers a solution to that growing demand.” 

Jenise says Forage and Fill’s expansion beyond personal refills is helping to meet growing demand for more environmentally friendly accommodation with natural, effective products that are normally single-use. She’s thrilled to open this subscription opportunity in Revelstoke and is currently building a client list for the service’s kick-off later this year. To find out more, check out @forage.and.fill on Instagram or 

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