Revelstoke’s 2022 preliminary local election results: Gary Sulz re-elected Mayor of Revelstoke

The 2022 local election results are in, and Gary Sulz has been elected to continue to serve as Mayor of Revelstoke. Joining him on the council are Aaron Orlando, Tim Palmer, Lee Devlin, Austin Luciow, Tim Stapenhurst, and Matt Cherry.

Gary Sulz will be Revelstoke’s new mayor, while Aaron Orlando, Tim Palmer, Lee Devlin, Austin Luciow, Tim Stapenhurst, and Matt Cherry will join him on council.

School district No.19 Board of Education Trustee-elects are Alan Chell, Wendy Rota, Sarah Zimmer, Jodie Allen, and Sasha Walsh.

In CSRD Area B, David Brooks-Hill has been elected CSRD Area B director.

Aside from Sulz, council itself will be made up of mostly new faces. Candidate Tim Palmer has been re-elected as councillor, and Aaron Orlando, who served on council prior to 2018, has been elected again.

Approximately 686 voters took advantage of advance voting opportunities on October 5 and 12, according to Revelstoke city staff. The number of mail-in voters registered for the 2022 local election was 28.

Out of an estimated 6,387 eligible voters in Revelstoke, only 1,941 ballots were cast in the 2022 local election, as reported by chief election officer Cindy Floyd.

Voter turnout was calculated at 46.05%, and a total of 2,608 ballots were cast in the 2018 municipal election.

What were the main issues during the election?

It comes as no surprise that most candidates campaigned on promises to help solve Revelstoke’s housing crisis. Proposed solutions vary between candidates, but most expressed interest in enacting plans laid out in the city’s new Housing Action Plan, recently passed by the former council.

Other issues central to the election included CAO retention, addressing illegal short-term rentals, increasing development cost charges, maintaining a diverse economy, and environment and transportation planning.

Read our Q&A series with city council and mayoral candidates to see where elected candidates stand on these important issues.

Mayor of Revelstoke (elected candidates in bold)

Gary Sulz: 1,461 votes

Nicole Cherlet: 432 votes

Elected Councillors

1. Aaron Orlando: 1,397 votes

2. Tim Palmer: 1,290 votes

3. Lee Devlin: 927 votes

4. Austin Luciow: 871 votes

5. Tim Stapenhurst: 839 votes

6. Matt Cherry: 778 votes

7. Eddie Gary Shultz: 755 votes

8. John Hordyk: 651 votes

9. Tony Jeglum: 621 votes

10. Rushda Rubaia: 607 votes

School District No. 19 Trustees

Alan Chell,

Wendy Rota,

Sarah Zimmer,

Jodie Allen,

Sasha Walsh

These results are preliminary results. Official results will be reported on October 19, 2022. We will update this article as more results become available.

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