Revelstoke Toastmasters turns 35

The local public speaking club is inviting the community to discover what it is all about.

Revelstoke Toastmasters celebrates 35 years on Monday, March 12. Photo: Revelstoke Toastmasters.

TED talks have illustrated the power of speech and as Revelstoke grows as an entrepreneur and tech worker hotspot, local public speaking club Toastmasters believes it provides an important resource.

With the local group celebrating 35 years on Monday March 12, professionals, the general public and past members are invited to connect and learn how to boost their networking and presentation skills.

“We want to let people know what Toastmasters is all about,” member Michelle Cole said.

Bob Loeppky, MC for the 2008 Miss Revelstoke Ambassador program, asks future princess Courtney Kaler a question. Photo: Revelstoke Toastmasters.

Past member Bob Loeppky was part of the local club for about 15 years from the mid 90s. Today he is the voice over at the local Grizzly games.

Many people turn to Toastmasters to get past their fears (fear of public speaking is up there with spiders and dentists). But for Loeppky, Toastmasters was more of a creative challenge.

The skills he acquired there saw him volunteer his time to teach local women entering the previous Miss Revelstoke Ambassador program and bigger pageants such as Miss Canada.

“I saw a lot of those girls go from not wanting to say their name in front of people to a room of 400 people, standing up and giving a speech,” Loeppky said.

Loeppky thinks everybody should do Toastmasters at some point in their life.

“Everybody will have to stand up and talk in front of people,” he said. “You’ve got to know how to stand, how to have eye contact, body gestures — there are so many things that most people have no idea about.”

“It becomes second nature with Toastmasters.”

Toastmasters began in 1905 and evolved into the international public speaking club it is today. With technology now at the forefront of our lives Toastmasters International have revitalised their program.

New program Pathways will offer members an online platform, which will be available to Revelstoke Toastmasters members later this month.

“It’s totally branching out in ten different directions that will allow people to meet the needs of our new technological era,” Cole said.

Event details: Celebrate as Revelstoke Toastmasters turns 35. 6:30—8 p.m. at the Revelstoke Library. Food and drinks provided.