Revelstoke skatepark redesign unveiled: see the new design here

New Kovach Park skatepark includes a more user friendly, inclusive design. Check out the design images here.

Revelstoke's skateboard community gathered to see the unveiling of the Kovach Park skatepark design model. Photo: Melissa Jameson/Revelstoke Mountaineer.

Revelstoke skateboarders had a chance to provide input on the final design elements of the new Kovach Park skatepark.

New Line Skateparks designers Kyle Dion and Jason McMillen unveiled the park’s design during a concept model presentation and open house discussion hosted by the Columbia Valley Skateboard Association on Wednesday, Feb. 27. Dion said there are still a few details to work out such as whether or not stairs should be included in the shallow end of the two-tier pool style bowl.

“That’s a personal preference thing. You guys as a community need to decide if you want stairs or if you don’t want stairs,” said Dion.

See the detailed Revelstoke skatepark design images here:

Revelstoke Skatepark Revised Model 2018.02.28 by Revelstoke Mountaineer on Scribd

Construction of the skatepark also includes landscaping around the area. Lori Donato, City of Revelstoke director of Parks, Recreation and Culture, said the design includes creating a landscape buffer with trees. The city is planning to partner with the North Columbia Environmental Society and has applied for a BC Hydro greening grant to help offset landscaping costs.

Donato said the new skatepark design is more user friendly and there is a potential for skateboard camps and lessons to be offered.

“We’ve been approached before by people who are interested in doing that, but we’ve never been able to offer it,” said Donato.

Andres Raun, who used to teach skateboarding in Ontario, agrees the new design could draw in people offering lessons. He said the design provides a great opportunity for young people to get involved in skateboarding.

“It’s a good atmosphere,” he said.

Alice Weber, a local mom who lives next to the existing Kovach Park skatepark, had voiced concerns over the project but said she is happy with the design concept. Weber said she prefers the smaller design and believes it will still draw in members of the community as well as tourists. Her concern remained around how different user-groups, particularly families with young children, would co-exist using the park.

“I hope there’s a good sense of cooperation when kids us it,” she said.

CVSA president Karl Jost said the park will have a sign showing the rules and etiquette of the park. He said skateparks have a strong sense of community and often older, more experienced skateboarders will teach those with less experience. He said kids can learn just from watching, but emphasized the importance of parents playing a role in learning the rules of the park to teach their children.

“Parents shouldn’t be afraid to approach someone to ask if they don’t know the rules,” said Jost.

CVSA treasurer Matt Rebelo emphasized the community atmosphere found in skateparks.

“The one great thing about skateparks is everybody’s inclusive,” said Rebelo.

Construction on the Kovach Park skatepark project is set to begin in June.