Revelstoke RCMP recommend chauffeur bylaw for taxi, other drivers

If passed, all current and future taxi drivers would have to apply for the permit. The permit could be denied or pulled due to "use of or dealings in" drugs or alcohol.

Revelstoke City Hall on Mackenzie Avenue. Photo: Revelstoke Mountaineer file photo

Revelstoke RCMP detachment commander Staff-Sgt Kurt Grabinsky is recommending the city implement a vehicle for hire bylaw. The recommendation comes over concerns for public safety.

The bylaw would require current and future taxi drivers to apply for a chauffeur permit. In a report to council city legislative services manager Teresa LeRose said under the bylaw a chauffeur must not drive, operate or be in in charge of a motor vehicle carrying passengers for hire unless he or she holds a permit for that purpose.

The RCMP detachment commander is responsible for issuing the permits, which must be in the possession of the chauffeur at all times when operating a motor vehicle.

“If the [detachment commander], on proof to his satisfaction, believes that a person holding a permit, because of his or her use of or dealing in intoxicants or narcotic drugs or any other reason, is unfit to act as a chauffeur, the [detachment commander] may suspend or cancel the permit,” LeRose said in the report.

The proposed bylaw would require drivers to take a 16-hour training course, “in the areas of professional driving, transporting people with disabilities, cultural sensitivity, taxi industry, customer service in the tourism industry.”

City staff are recommending council implement the vehicle for hire bylaw. Council will discuss the bylaw at its regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 27 and could pass first and second readings at that time.

Stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide input prior to a third reading at Tuesday, March 13 regular council meeting.