Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine Winter Clubs feature: Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club

Part of our Winter Clubs feature from the December print edition of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine, the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club checks in on what they're looking forward to this year and how people can get involved.

RNSC goes back to the ‘80s for Team Scream club event. Photo: Mike Thomas

This story is part of a feature that first appeared in print in Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine’s December 2021 issue. Read the entire e-edition here:

Revelstoke’s winter clubs are pillars of the community. No matter how you choose to slip, slide or shred on the snow and ice, there’s a group of volunteers and enthusiasts ready to welcome you in.

For our Revelstoke Winter Clubs feature, we invited local winter sports activity clubs and club-like organizations to share an update on their activities, tell us about what they have planned this season, and let potential new members know how to get involved.

Here is what the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club had to tell us:

Skiing Main Loop trail overlooking the beaver ponds on a crisp winter day. Photo: Jeff Wilson.

Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club

Established: 1891

Members: We are a growing club. In the 2020-21 season we had 1,228 members.

Q: What are the main activities of the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club?

A: The Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club (RNSC) is all about cross-country skiing! This sport is also referred to as Nordic skiing and consists of two distinct types of skiing. Both types are done on narrow skis with no edges and the heel is not locked into the binding.

The most common type of the two, and the one recommended for beginners, is classic skiing. Classic skis are longer than skate ones but the accompanying poles are shorter. The motion is to push your foot forward one at a time. At recreation facilities classic skiing is done in the “tracks” – two indented lines (one for each ski). The tracks allow the skier to push forward and have their skis not slide off in odd directions.

The second type of cross-country skiing is called skate skiing. These skis are shorter, the binding piece a bit stiffer and the poles are longer. The motion of skate skiing is more dynamic and involves the skis going out to the sides rather than straight. As our recreation area is a multi-sport one we facilitate snowshoeing as well by renting equipment. We also work with the backcountry users so they can safely access the Fingers area through our trail network.

Q: What is new with the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club over the past year?

A: RNSC has been growing and growing. This is most obvious in our membership which is now the second largest in town!

It has been fantastic seeing so many new and old faces out on the trails. To accommodate all this growth our volunteer board had the foresight to build a lodge around 10 years ago that allows people to warm up and socialize. It is particularly great for families with young children. We are looking forward to re-opening this fully to the public once the pandemic has subsided more.

We have also built some new trails, such as Glen’s Glide, a new favourite due to its nice, easy gradient and long trail length. It’s a perfect place for beginners and those keen to get into skate skiing. Our goal as a not-for-profit is to get people enjoying our sport for life; therefore, we aim to keep our membership costs as low as possible and are proud to have not raised fees in many years.

We also do free rentals for youth from our expanded rental fleet and keep our day fees affordable. We are excited about the pilot public bus service from town and encourage all to use it!

Q: What activities or events does Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club have planned for the 2021-22 winter season?

A: As with most clubs we are cautiously optimistic about events in the upcoming season. We sadly missed not being able to bring our Nordic community together last season beyond saying ‘hello’ on the trails. Events and socializing are as much a part of our sport as the skiing!

This season, pending any opposing BC Health guidelines in place, we are bringing back our New Year’s Day Lantern Ski, the Poker Ski, Team Scream and will host a race in January. These are all events for any age and involve a lot of fun and sometimes costumes. We are also hoping to bring back some smaller group activities such as the Senior Ski and Tea, the parent group, and other social groups. These smaller groups are to bring like-minded folks together to come out and enjoy skiing.

Very exciting this season we are hosting a Masters weekly training session for the first time. This is for people who are looking to improve technique and fitness in a social atmosphere. All of our programs and events will be posted on our website and through our social media so be sure to check the calendar often!

Q: How can potential new members get involved with your club?

A: RNSC is a community rather than an athletic facility. We are always open to seeing new faces in our programming and out on the trails.

Think you might be interested? Check our website for how to become a member or call/e-mail us with your questions. As a not-for-profit we are founded on a strong base of volunteers to keep us going. There are many ways for you to get involved. Good at labour or have a trade skill? You can work with our Ops Manager in getting the trails ready and kept in good condition. Why not become a volunteer coach? We fund training and support learning and skill growth. Outgoing and friendly? Our ambassador program welcomes people as they arrive and on busy days. Good at organizing? We always need extra people to help with events. Come find some new friends by letting us know you are interested!

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