Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine June 2018 e-edition available here

The June 2018 issue of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine is on the streets! For those of you not in town, here is the e-edition.

Revelstoke-based paddler Katrina Van Wijk on the June 2018 cover of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine. Photo: Charlie Munsey

The June 2018 issue of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine is now available at over 200 locations across Revelstoke.

What’s inside? We’ve got the 2018 regional summer music festival guide. Imogen Whale explores why Revelstoke nearly converted to a Bavarian theme village in the 1970s. Bryce Borlick’s Spokin’ Word column runs down 2018 summer MTB events. Alex Cooper explores the coming tide of e-mountain bikes. Louise Stanway explores trauma and recovery in the wake of paddling tragedies. Ian Tomm explains the complex backcountry tenure system, and the need for reform to match Revy’s growing backcountry scene. Imogen Whale features a 24-year-old master distiller at the newly opened Jones Distilling. Alex Cooper looks into Revelstoke Mountain Resort master plan update, finding out what they’ve got planned for the years to come. Aaron Orlando explains why the mountain caribou issue is likely to come back to centre stage in the coming months, with huge implications for Revelstoke. Shannon MacLean keeps you hydrated for summer adventure. Lindsay Bourque helps you grow a edible, visual delight. We explore the slow style movement in Revy in our Style section. In the essay section, Fraser Blyth explores the benefits of porches. We’ve got the full listings for the Revelstoke Summer Street Fest. This, and more in our 40-page June issue.

For those of you not in Revelstoke, here is the e-edition: