Revelstoke hosts first banked slalom

Benoit Lafon competes in Revelstoke Mountain Resort's first banked slalom race Jan. 28 and 29, 2017. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

Revelstoke Mountain Resort and Trapper Snowboards are trying to get a tradition going with the launch of their first banked slalom snowboard race at RMR.

The Jan. 28–29 race saw about 150 competitors take the best of two time trials on a snaking course built in the gully just to rider’s left at the top of Stoke chair.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort held their first banked slalom race Feb. 28 and 29. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

Greg Fortier of Trapper Snowboards called the first event a success, noting the small army of volunteers that came out to build the banked course by hand.

He said it was one of the first competitions actually organized by Revelstoke Mountain Resort; most of their other competitions were run by outside organizations. Fortier hopes they can build a tradition off the first event.

Any mention of the banked slalom format soon gets a comparison to the Mt. Baker event, which has been running since the mid-’80s. The event is now an annual highlight on the snowboard competition calendar. The event is lauded for its adherence to core snowboarding values of fun and camaraderie; it’s often held up favourably in contrast to bigger name competitions that have been hijacked by soft drink company marketing budgets.

Racers were scored on the best out of their Saturday and Sunday times.

Competitors at the weekend event also got a ticket to the Absolut vodka bartending competition at Revelation Lodge on Saturday night, resulting in a number of DNSs on Sunday.

There was over $5,000 in prizes up for grabs. Here are the top three finishers in the four categories.


  1. Ciara Michaluk
  2. Kiana Pulman
  3. Kelsey Glat

Women’s masters:

  1. Sue Shih


  1. Felix Dallaire
  2. Lucas Everett
  3. Jay Hergert

Men’s masters:

  1. Carl Cowton
  2. Dustin Ferris
  3. Troy Mayhew

For more race results, see here.