Revelstoke Cycling Association releases details on proposed Mount Macpherson logging

Ahead of the Save Macpherson rally on Saturday May 21, the Revelstoke Cycling Association met with logging company B.C. Timber Sales and have released updated information on impact of the proposed logging.

The proposed logging zone in the Mount Macpherson recreational area. Photo: BCTS

As Revelstoke residents buy Save Macpherson T-shirts, sign the online petition and prepare for the rally on Saturday May 21, the Revelstoke Cycling Association has released an information sheet on the details of the proposed logging on Mount Macpherson.

There is no specific date for logging yet but logging company B.C. Timber Sales expects it will be around the end of August or beginning of September and will last up to four weeks.

The area to be logged is the upper part of TNT and Ridgewalk trails. The trails of Ridgewalk, Mad Man’s Leap and TNT will be closed during work hours — generally Monday to Friday 4 a.m to 5 p.m. Weekends will not be interrupted.

A group of local residents are fighting the proposed logging and have created the group Save Macpherson.

The RCA made a note in their memo regarding the safety of logging industry members and asked for any concerns be addressed through proper government channels.

“Remember that for any individuals who disagree with timber harvesting in the Macpherson area, the logging companies employees are not making these decisions and as such, should not be approached as if they are,” the memo states.

What trails will be affected by the logging:

  • Ridgewalk will not be directly affected by the logging.
  • Buffer trees will be left on either side of TNT to maintain the character of the existing trail.
  • The trees around the connector trail Mad Man’s Step will hand logged to reduce damage to the trail. The trail will be reestablished after the logging.
  • The old skid road/bike trail Mad Man’s Leap will be removed and planted after the logging but a connector trail will be built to connect TNT to Mad Man’s Step.

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Emily Kemp is a freelance journalist and frequent contributor to the Revelstoke Mountaineer.