Revelstoke Chamber under-35 leaders series: Alicia Joiner

A new partnership series between the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce and the Revelstoke Mountaineer highlights local young professionals and explores their philosophy on commerce, professional life and community involvement in Revelstoke

Alicia Joiner. Photo contributed

The Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce and the Revelstoke Mountaineer are partnering to share our new Young Professionals Series in late May and June. We’ll be profiling select under-35 Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce members to highlight the dynamic new wave of chamber membership and their contributions to local commerce and the community of Revelstoke. The weekly series culminates in a workshop and social event on June 23, featuring displays on small business technology innovations and a networking event. Here is part II in our ongoing series:

Alicia Joiner

Articled Law Student to Constance M. Brothers, Barrister & Solicitor

What is it that Constance M. Brothers, Barrister & Solicitor does, and what do you do for them?

We provide professional legal services to the people of Revelstoke across a broad range of practice areas. I am currently Connie’s articled student, but I will be fully qualified in November 2015 as a Barrister & Solicitor (provided my upcoming Bar exams go well!), and will continue to work side-by-side with Connie after that time.

What’s your advice to an ambitious newcomer to the Revelstoke private sector who’s looking to move up?

Instead of focusing on the limitations that Revelstoke has being a small mountain town, start looking for the hidden opportunities and advantages that come from living amongst a tight-knit community where relationships and word of mouth are so powerful. Be prepared to work hard and the rest will follow.

Alicia at play gravity biking. Photo contributed
Alicia at play gravity biking. Photo contributed

Through your professional involvement in Revelstoke, what positive benefits do you deliver to the community?

Despite the negative image that people sometimes associate with lawyers, I like to think of this career as a way to truly assist and protect people when they need it most. Especially in our community, it is so rewarding to be able to help people through a difficult time, to find a positive solution and to reduce conflict.

More than anyone, what individual (outside of your family) inspires you the most?

Connie Brothers is my professional idol! She is exceptionally hardworking, passionate, ethical and knowledgable, and has given me the best start to my life as a lawyer in Revelstoke that I could ask for.

What’s your biggest accomplishment in your professional career?

My husband, MJ, and I took over Burridge’s Electrical from Martin and Elaine Greenwood when they retired in 2012. Whilst MJ is certainly the one carrying on the Burridge’s business in the public eye, I feel extremely proud to be behind the scenes of a successful business that has been serving Revelstoke since 1909.

Work life balance is a key part of a successful career in Revelstoke. Photo: contributed
Work life balance is a key part of a successful career in Revelstoke. Photo: contributed

Share a secret with our readers about doing business in Revelstoke.

Be honest, reliable and hardworking, but remember why we all love living here and make sure that you make time to play in the mountains!

What are some passion projects you’re involved with outside of work?

To be honest, studying and work have taken up a lot of my time lately, so I don’t know that I have any particular ‘projects’ outside of work – but I do love to get out biking, work on our home and garden, and hang out with my Revy family.

Why do you choose to be a member of the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce?

I feel like chamber membership is a great way to support our local community, whilst getting our business name out there to would-be customers. A must have for all local businesses and professionals.

What’s your go-to saying?

Be scared, but do it anyway.

When I’m not at work I’m:

Dreaming about travel to Central America.

How can Revelstoke Mountaineer readers connect with you?

For Constance Brothers Law Office:

Phone: 250-837-4971


For Burridge’s Electrical:

Phone: 250-837-5281