Revelstoke Boxing Gym to relocate when Mount Begbie school site is demolished

School District 19 and the Revelstoke Boxing Gym have been in talks about what to do when the old Mount Begbie School Site is demolished. The organization had hoped the gym would be kept but the costs are too high.

Revelstoke Boxing Gym will need to find a new location. Photo: Ari Bakker Flickr (CC 2.0)

The Revelstoke Boxing Gym will need to relocate once demolition of the old Mount Begbie School site is scheduled.

The school at 420 Downie Street was abandoned in 2012 when the new Begbie View Elementary was completed and the city this year declined a proposal to acquire the gymnasium. As part of a funding agreement between School District 19 (SD19), the Board of Education and the Ministry of Education, SD19 needs to raise funds of $2.4 million as they dispose of decommissioned school property.

Ideas floated to keep the gym have been unsuccessful due to high costs and the awkward location of the gym, in the middle of the school plot. Revelstoke schools superintendent Mike Hooker said that he has been in regular contact with the boxing gym’s coordinators. 

“Both AJ and coach Jason are interested in looking at options for their club to use existing school spaces,” he said. “The school district would very much like to continue to help support the club. They offer excellent fitness training opportunities for Revelstoke youth.”

Demolition isn’t anticipated until a rezoning application for the land, to allow for housing, is submitted to the City of Revelstoke and is successful. To help with this application, SD 19 recently held an open house for local residents and neighbours to comment on use of the site and its possible housing development designs.

Compact lots in panel C were popular at the open house for the Mount Begbie School site. Photo: School District 19
Compact lots in panel C were popular at the open house for the Mount Begbie School site. Photo: School District 19

Designs ranged from 10 lots to 28 townhouses, but project director for Revelstoke schools Anne Cooper said that the most popular were the medium to high density. She said the core market was the older generation looking to downsize and young families and singles looking to enter the property market.

“People were very interested in something other than single family homes,” Cooper said.

SD 19, despite creating these housing proposals, will unlikely have control on the future of the site once it is sold.

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